I had an awesome time at the Aquarium last night. CCBC organized for her students and faculty to meet at the Aquarium downtown & it was great! It was my first time at an Aquarium and I’m glad I went. The whole night I was literally bumping into CCBC students, faculty & their family. As usual I’ve got some pictures to share with y’all :)

That was my favorite shark, he was too shy..or she i don’t know lol


The smaller fishes..they look like they’re about to go for dinner

Somehow I forgot turtles were amphibians, meaning they live on both land and water..depending on their swag

You know when you ask someone if the pimple on your face is big?…


Yup! Thats a sea animal..#PokerDot lol

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  1. Precious Says:

    The aquarium looks interesting, never been to one but I sure do now. A shy shark hard to believe. :)

  2. glen Says:

    How i wish i was there. If not because if my evening class #sad.

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