Student Leadership Program

Thank you all so much for all the responses for my last post. If you havn’t shared the meaning of your name, pls do so on my last post :)

I just got ordered my graduation gown yesterday…YES! I’m graduating this May! :D Its been a long but interesting journey for me. You guys are going to miss me, I know :’( Funny enough, a lot of my friends are also graduating this May..also a lot of ambassadors and mentors. Student Life has started receiving applications for students who want to be either ambassadors or mentors.

I am a Student Ambassador and what I do is pretty much help with school events. The college organizes lots of cool events all through the semester and ¬†Events such as First Week, College and Transfer fairs, The President’s Distinguished Speaker, Poverty Stimulation, Legislative Breakfast, End of the year BBQ and lots more. Its so much fun ;) . We as student ambassadors help organize and publicize these events. Talking about publicizing…I am also privileged to be part of the bloggers & I help publicize school events on here. We also help give tours to incoming and curious outsiders (sort of giving tours to aliens on earth..its fun!)

First year Mentors deal with students and mostly freshmen. They are there to help students who are going through challenges academically, socially and otherwise. They make students feel welcome in the college and encourage them to maximize their college experience. They also share their experiences in ACDV classes and orientations.

No matter which of these positions you become, you’re basically being the intermediary between the college and students, while enhancing your leadership skills. For more indept description of the two positions, you can click the link ahead that would take you to the application form (hopefully :D ) Student Leadership Program Application¬†(Its the same form for both positions but you would be able to state your preference.) The applications are in the Student Life Office in case you wanted to grab one. If you need me to, I can refer you :) Just ask when you stumble into me on campus..not literally pls lol.

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