I & my friends were chatting randomly (as usual) and we were talking about various names & what they mean. Do you think you need to know the meaning of your name? African parents generally attached a lot of importance to the names they give their kids. My Pastor in Nigeria named his kids are Favor, Breakthrough, Testimony, Dominion & Greatness. The meaning of those names are very obvious. My first name (Oladipupo) means increased wealth. Do you know the meaning of your name? There was this fun online dictionary we stumbled on that gives name meanings (NOTE: You might not like the meaning it gives you..its just for fun don’t worry ;) ) I would tell you the meaning it gave me but nahhhhhhh I’ll pass lol. The link is below…check it out & comment below the true meaning of your name & the urban meaning (If you don’t know the true meaning of your name…I think you should be curious enough to find out).

Urban Dictionary


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  1. Atinuke Says:

    lol…checked the meaning of my name through the link, totally loved d meaning it gave my name though it felt more like a compliment. The true meaning of my name is “well pampered right from the stomach” some people sometimes think its funny,while some feel its cute. Even though i feel that one’s name goes a long way in making an impression.

  2. Miracle Says:

    Just checked the meaning of my name (Miracle) too with the link and i saw some crazy meanings haha. But i am gonna have to stick with the one that says “shy around people,beautiful inside out and cares about family and friends….” and blah blah blah lol. I mean, the things it said about the meaning of my name are true.

  3. Glory Says:

    Names do not have to be so blatantly obvious of what the meaning is, but I see your point.

  4. Beth Says:

    interesting.just found out the meaning of my name”Beth” Someone everyone wants to be friends with. Generally quite smart and can be blushingly nerdy, but the type of nerd that everyone loves.
    I think if my parents gave me a chance to choose,al still retain it.

  5. Ayotunde Says:

    Lol the website is very funny, I searched my name and it said that it meant “the height of masculinity, and beyond what any other man could wish to be.” While i don’t mind that definition it couldn’t be further off.

  6. Glen Aris Says:

    The dictionary doesn’t know the meaning of my native name “CHIAGOZIEM” which means God bless me. So that means am blessed

  7. vanessa Says:

    lol…Vanessa means butterfly, so everytime I see someone with a butterfly tattoo… laugh b/c in away they have my name on them(random thought).

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