What a fine Thanksgiving treat!

Take a turkey, stuff it fat, Some of this and some of that. Get some turnips, peel them well. Cook a big squash in its shell. Now potatoes, big and white, Mash till they are soft and light. Cranberries, so tart and sweet, With the turkey we must eat. Pickles-yes-and then, oh my! For a [...]

International Education Week!

This week is the International Education Week! Its a week when people from different cultures & backgrounds come share the richness of their cultures with the school. There are lots of events lined up throughout the week so if you haven’t been to a cultural event this week, its not too late! On Monday was [...]

The silly things we do

Sometimes there is fun in being silly. Its okay to be silly once in a while…in fact our lives would be boring without some sort of silliness. This weekend was one of the  silliest weekends I’ve had in a while (Don’t even know where to begin).  Tears are dripping down to my keyboard as I type [...]


Last thursday, the MCSA (Multicultural Students Association) had a halloween party. Even though i do not celebrate or participate in halloween, i thought it would be cool to help out in organizing it & so i did. Couldn’t attend because i had my Calculus II test (which went unexpectedly awesomely well).  I heard it was [...]