If wishes were vegetables, everyone would be healthy. I wish I had a wish that could come true. I would wish to have a thousand more wishes. I would share these wishes among my family, friends,  people who have added positively to my life & lastly, the people who comment on my blogs . I wish [...]

The Get Involved Fair

What happened  last Friday (09/13/13)?, Yeah i know, Insidious 2 came out but what else? Well it was the time of the semester where different clubs showcase themselves to the students to attract members..the GET INVOLVED FAIR at the Essex campus! If you were there..cool!(my favorite word ), If you weren’t…you should be ashamed of [...]


“I better not be late for this class”. I muttered these words as I looked at my schedule for the umpteenth time. I was checking for the room number of my Linear Algebra class. It was the first day of school & earlier that morning, as a student ambassador, I was helping out in the [...]