We came, we studied and we conquered!

Good job guys! You were able to survive all the hustle and bustle of the semester. We have all worked hard throughout the semester..the papers..the sleepless nights..its time to take a break. If you didn’t like how your grades came out, then prepare to work harder next semester.

A quick reflection…I had a home – school – work – home routine for my first 3 semesters in CCBC. I didn’t think I needed to do anything other than academics in school.

However with the persuasion of a friend (Edward), I decided to get involved in my fourth semester (wished I didn’t wait that long). I became a member of the Cyber club, Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa and the Multicultural Students Association (MCSA) in which I served as Secretary.  I also became a Student Ambassador and a blogger for CCBC. It has been a great journey so far and I am thankful for the people I met during this fun-filled journey. I want to thank google for being there for me when no one was!

Next step – I would be transferring to UMBC fall 2014 to complete my Bachelors degree in Computer Science with a minor in Cyber Security.

As summer break begins, have you thought about what you’re gonna do for the summer? Apart from that trip or that summer class, what else? I am gonna be learning some new computer programming languages (***Nerd alert***).

I’ld advise you make a list of the things you want to get accomplished this summer. This makes you more goal-oriented. Trust me if you don’t do this, you’re going to feel like you wasted the summer…you probably did anyways lol. But really…do you wanna improve your maths skills because you’ld be taking math next semester? Do you want to improve yourself in a particular area? Because the truth is that improvement is a huge element of life. While some people are playing their heads off all summer, some smart ones would be getting themselves more equipped, making themselves more attractive to the job market and people in general.

If you do not place value on yourself, nobody would. Be the best you can be and people would celebrate you. – Eke



The Multicultural Student Association! (Spot me ;) )

ALL-Maryland Academic Team

Last night was one of the most memorable days I’ve had in the last two years. I and three other CCBC students were awarded for academic and co-curricular achievements and recognized as members of the ALL-Maryland Academic Team, which is an affiliate of Phi Theta Kappa. When you become a member of the Phi Theta Kappa, opportunities like these are open to you. They have lots of activities you can engage in that would build your community service portfolio. A lot of people have been asking me how I got selected for the team. Basically, they look at your application, your academic experience, co-curricular activities and community service. One thing was key to my getting this recognition…the grace of God :)

The President of CCBC, Dr Sandra Kurtinitis is such an awesome woman! (Sorry for the blurry pic :( )

The CCBC International Gala

Last Friday was an awesome night in CCBC. If you don’t know what I’m talking about already then you missed out big time! It was the international Gala! It went from a modelling show (Which I was a part of :) ) to dinner served with food from various parts of the world, to dance partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You can trust Eke to scatter the dance floor! (Not literally of course lol). Dr Kurtinitis, the President of the college and other faculty members were in attendance. It was a huge success!

We all didn’t study did we?

Welcome back guys! Hope you all had a wonderful spring break…hope you were able to relax your brains from the consistent pressure you’ve been putting it through for the past couple months. Sadly I wasn’t able to study like I thought I would. Let me know if you spent quality time over the break studying. Its interesting that the few conversations I’ve had with students after the break showed that 78.2876% of CCBC students did not study like they planned to. Lesson: DON’T PROCRASTINATE!

The 7 gallons riddle!

Hope y’all are having a fun Spring Break. Here’s a little riddle to keep your brain on its toes. It was on my Maths Test.

You have a 9-gallon pail and a 5-gallon pail you need exactly 7 gallons of water in each pail. How do you get it?

Note: 1) You can’t guess the size of 7 gallons in the 9-gallon pail…you are not that intelligent really lol.

2) DO NOT google it! Let your brain do the work. I figured the answer by my self.

3) Some people would get this in 10 minutes, others would never get it. Its fun trying anyways ;)

I would comment with the answer on the last day of Spring Break. Goodluck!

CCBC’s Five Star Gala

CCBC’s Five Star Gala was last Saturday & I must confess, it was awesome! We went from speeches from the Dr Kurtinitis, Vanessa (A student Ambassador) to “innocent gambling in the casino. At the end I bet almost $500 & guess what………..I lost :( But it wasn’t real money so its fine lol. We were nicely served appetizer, lunch & dinner. To be honest, when served the appetizer, what came to my mind was..”Why is my plate full of leaves” rolleyes. I mean I eat veggies but it has to be accompanied by something beefy ;) Then the main meal came & I was like “Now you’re talking!” :D . The dessert made me take seconds (a phrase I just learned that night- apparently here in America if you want to ask someone if they want another round of food, you ask them if they want seconds).

At the end (thanks to my idea idea), we formed a huge circle like our mothers’ cooking pot (a Nigerian phrase lol) and we each took turns to dance in the middle. Trust Eke to scatter the dance floor with my moves ;) I know y’all are waiting to see pictures coz I always have them to show……Liberty already has some pictures from that night so you guys can just go check it out —>  Liberty Carter’s blog.


I had an awesome time at the Aquarium last night. CCBC organized for her students and faculty to meet at the Aquarium downtown & it was great! It was my first time at an Aquarium and I’m glad I went. The whole night I was literally bumping into CCBC students, faculty & their family. As usual I’ve got some pictures to share with y’all :)

That was my favorite shark, he was too shy..or she i don’t know lol


The smaller fishes..they look like they’re about to go for dinner

Somehow I forgot turtles were amphibians, meaning they live on both land and water..depending on their swag

You know when you ask someone if the pimple on your face is big?…


Yup! Thats a sea animal..#PokerDot lol

Student Leadership Program

Thank you all so much for all the responses for my last post. If you havn’t shared the meaning of your name, pls do so on my last post :)

I just got ordered my graduation gown yesterday…YES! I’m graduating this May! :D Its been a long but interesting journey for me. You guys are going to miss me, I know :’( Funny enough, a lot of my friends are also graduating this May..also a lot of ambassadors and mentors. Student Life has started receiving applications for students who want to be either ambassadors or mentors.

I am a Student Ambassador and what I do is pretty much help with school events. The college organizes lots of cool events all through the semester and  Events such as First Week, College and Transfer fairs, The President’s Distinguished Speaker, Poverty Stimulation, Legislative Breakfast, End of the year BBQ and lots more. Its so much fun ;) . We as student ambassadors help organize and publicize these events. Talking about publicizing…I am also privileged to be part of the bloggers & I help publicize school events on here. We also help give tours to incoming and curious outsiders (sort of giving tours to aliens on earth..its fun!)

First year Mentors deal with students and mostly freshmen. They are there to help students who are going through challenges academically, socially and otherwise. They make students feel welcome in the college and encourage them to maximize their college experience. They also share their experiences in ACDV classes and orientations.

No matter which of these positions you become, you’re basically being the intermediary between the college and students, while enhancing your leadership skills. For more indept description of the two positions, you can click the link ahead that would take you to the application form (hopefully :D ) Student Leadership Program Application (Its the same form for both positions but you would be able to state your preference.) The applications are in the Student Life Office in case you wanted to grab one. If you need me to, I can refer you :) Just ask when you stumble into me on campus..not literally pls lol.


I & my friends were chatting randomly (as usual) and we were talking about various names & what they mean. Do you think you need to know the meaning of your name? African parents generally attached a lot of importance to the names they give their kids. My Pastor in Nigeria named his kids are Favor, Breakthrough, Testimony, Dominion & Greatness. The meaning of those names are very obvious. My first name (Oladipupo) means increased wealth. Do you know the meaning of your name? There was this fun online dictionary we stumbled on that gives name meanings (NOTE: You might not like the meaning it gives you..its just for fun don’t worry ;) ) I would tell you the meaning it gave me but nahhhhhhh I’ll pass lol. The link is below…check it out & comment below the true meaning of your name & the urban meaning (If you don’t know the true meaning of your name…I think you should be curious enough to find out).

Urban Dictionary