Texting. Quite intimate to say the least, provided that one often gets too attached to his or her mobile phone. It’s now been almost a month since I got an iPhone which made me savvy enough to instantaneously reply to emails still hot in my inbox… I still remember the simple days where you would [...]

Are you the next Student Ambassador?

What a flying fantastique semester I’ve had being a student ambassador for CCBC. I’ve been to the President’s house, mentored first-year students on building schedules, represented the student population at the Baltimore County Public Schools Counselor breakfast and most of all, saw firsthand what great things that all three campuses have to offer. I have [...]

As the Sea Turtle Reached Land

Continued from: What do you get when you put beach-ready CCBC folks in a jungle? It was 9:15PM in the jungles of Costa Rica (actually 11:15PM for us from B’more with the time difference). My turtle patrol group consisted of my good friend Teaira Scott, recent CCBC grad, athlete and recipient of the President’s Distinguished [...]

One Chocolate Bar, Two Chocolate Bar, Three: The Importance of Fair Trade

This Halloween, before you munch into that candy bar, I ask you one question: ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT CHOCOLATE BAR YOU’RE THOROUGHLY ENJOYING WAS NOT HARVESTED BY A KID FORCED INTO CHILD LABOR?! The Bitter Truth 1 of 5 – Child Trafficking – BBC Panorama Investigation Chocolate – The Bitter Truth 2 of 5 [...]

Majestic Marine Life: Fate of the Sea Turtles

Sea turtles are one of the most mysterious creatures on earth. They begin life buried deep beneath the sand and are coaxed out of their shells per the warming temperatures. If the sand is a bit more hotter than normal, they become female turtles. If it is cooler, they are destined to be male. After [...]