Texting. Quite intimate to say the least, provided that one often gets too attached to his or her mobile phone. It’s now been almost a month since I got an iPhone which made me savvy enough to instantaneously reply to emails still hot in my inbox… I still remember the simple days where you would [...]

Pockmarked for Life

Gobble gobble gobble! Happy Thanksgiving everyone . Thanksgiving reminds me of the beginning of the holiday season, which means a lot of traveling! With a swift harsh winter coming up, safety issues such as pot holes, a pet peeve of mine, are bound to become inevitable fixtures of not just the ubiquitous pockmarked streets in [...]

Are you the next Student Ambassador?

What a flying fantastique semester I’ve had being a student ambassador for CCBC. I’ve been to the President’s house, mentored first-year students on building schedules, represented the student population at the Baltimore County Public Schools Counselor breakfast and most of all, saw firsthand what great things that all three campuses have to offer. I have [...]

Experiencing the Radical Blue Man Group

I watched the Blue Man Group perform last Friday and I must say I was definitely underwhelmed and only slightly amused. Their one and a half hour show featured their talents of playing a smorgasbord of percussion instruments ranging from regular snare drums to PVC piping and even giant balls that they flung into the [...]

Our Green Library

BEFORE: All rights reserved, CCBC Media AFTER: Rejoice! We now have a great library that will rival the likes of the nearby Albin O. Kuhn Library (UMBC)! Not that it was ever a contest or anything… But by now after a quick year, we can say a big adieu to the wet damp floors, squeaky [...]