Who is May Bing?

MAYBING is a conjured up nickname for yours truly. My friend, Ruth Yuca Coradin, baptized me with this name because she erroneously  thinks that I am like a walking Google.com/Bing.com. Which I am not! (I think the name has a ring/neat sound effect to it though) Bing Bing! Beep Beep!


Name: Mayumi Verona, mayumi.verona@gmail.com

Major: Nursing (Clinical), second semester

Recent/Previous Memberships: CCBC Catonsville Honors Council, Catonsville Student Nurse Association, Phi Theta Kappa (Alpha Rho Psi), International Club, and Student Life Ambassador (many hats indeed)

Add me if you dare: http://www.facebook.com/myu183