Texting. Quite intimate to say the least, provided that one often gets too attached to his or her mobile phone. It’s now been almost a month since I got an iPhone which made me savvy enough to instantaneously reply to emails still hot in my inbox… I still remember the simple days where you would look for a pay phone to call your friends/parents to pick you up from the mall.

It’s a secret world we live in – the epitomy of having an alter ego promoted daily (yes, you have one too, don’t indulge yourself). People are never reticent to share deep, dark thoughts through text. Some people really do only open up through discrete communication. Imagine: Reclusive acquaintances reaching out. Anonymous hate mail. Silent stalkers… all care of mobile messages.

How often have you seen couples break up care of SMS? How often have I felt more connected to my long distance fiance via text than I have elsewise? And how convenient it is that you can stay connected on a whim – only when you want to. Isn’t it funny how the world stays in touch (dumb pun intended) still, through touch…via the keypad?

Just this afternoon, there was a fire drill here at E, F, and G buildings. How did I know? CCBC texted me.

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