Hoops for Hope

Last month, I was lucky enough to help out at an event at the Dundalk campus.

Dubbed as the Hoops for Hope charity basketball game, it highlighted the basketball talents of several CCBC students versus errr, the CCBC faculty and staff. Rewind to its inception, this idea was the brainchild of several students enrolled in a class. They were tasked to create a charity event for class. Simple yet challenging and all the while an endeavor worth the time.

Steve Borsa, Chris Meekins, Jocelyn Smelka & Earl Williams were the students spearheading the event. It was for a mass communications class taught by Michael Welsh. After much preparations, complete with a hotdog stand, raffles and the presence of Mickey from 98 Rock, they raised almost $500 ($475) for Special Olympics.

It was an awesome event, entertaining to say the least. It was fun to see the dean run around with the ball, and you know, no one messes with the dean when she has the ball! The game was tight but the students won.

Here are some links to the videos below, for entertainment purposes only (forgive me, Student Life staff!):

Dean Scott is fit and feisty!

Crissy gets her exercise!

Toni makes a run for it!

Toni Aho of CCBC Student Life and Moe Brockington, CCBC Dundalk SGA President going head-to-head

CCBC Dean of College Life, Caroline Scott, is focused on keeping the ball!

Yours truly with fellow Student Ambassador Ignatius and Mickey Cucchiella of 98 Rock

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