Halloween IC-style

I HAVE TO ADMIT I was quite surprised with what I saw at the Barn on Wednesday. It was my old club, the CCBC International Club, deeply entrenched in their Halloween Party. I recalled their poster I saw on Facebook: that of an invitation for good food, music, and a pumpkin carving contest complete with [...]

Basketball Jones: The Season in View

Taking the time off from schoolwork, I wanted to try to write about a subject that I’m not familiar with: Basketball. With the hopes of getting a few guy blog readers, I interviewed my fiance to learn more about this unchartered territory for me. He gladly (and almost TOO eagerly obliged me). As the NBA [...]


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When I was 16, I was pretty darned good at Math. I thought I was good enough to solve anything. And then I encountered matrices. That was the end of my Math-loving days. Now that I’m older, I’m pretty terrified of it. I’m happy to get through my Nursing Dosage exam unscathed every semester. So [...]

As the Sea Turtle Reached Land

Continued from: What do you get when you put beach-ready CCBC folks in a jungle? It was 9:15PM in the jungles of Costa Rica (actually 11:15PM for us from B’more with the time difference). My turtle patrol group consisted of my good friend Teaira Scott, recent CCBC grad, athlete and recipient of the President’s Distinguished [...]