Keeping up with the Kurtinitises

Dr. Kurtinitis is originally from Maryland. She lives in a quiet neighborhood in a cul-de-sac in White Marsh. She has only been CCBC’s president for 5 years, coming from a college in Massachusetts. I peeked into her library and would you have guessed what book collection stole my attention? She has the complete Harry Potter [...]

Support CCBC: Vote below!

Hey everyone! I would like to re-post an email from CCBC Catonsville Dean, Tonja Ringgold. She invites everyone to vote for CCBC’s Great American Clean-Up project, sponsored by Phi Theta Kappa, that was selected as a finalist for winning our school some big bucks! I encourage y’all to read below and support CCBC by voting! [...]

Choosing CCBC

Are you like me who chose CCBC for a reason? My name is May Verona and I am CCBC! I can humbly say with pride (forgive the oxymoron) that I am glad to have taken the leap of faith in attending a community college- and not just any community college- but the best darned one [...]