Happy Veterans Day

Today I attended and volunteered my time at the CCBC Catonsville Veterans day event.  There was a Brief ceremony outdoors with a moment of silence following an indoor reception. There were refreshments, much admiration, and poignant stories from veterans.  The vet’s stories were quite touching and really inspired me, some of which were stdents just like me, CCBC students. As a college student much is sacrificed but I can’t help but feel minute in comparison to the ultimate sacrifice that these brave citizens chose to make to benefit a nation of people. CCBC solutes and supports our troops.

Weele axulinde,

Dr. Thompson*

*The use of Dr. Thompson is NOT me impersonating or posing as a medical professional with proper licensing and degrees, IT IS however me speaking my dreams into existence and being so self assured of my capabilities to reach said dreams.

What will you be doing this spring break?

April 16th through 25th 2010 all CCBC campuses will be closed for spring break and majority of students will most likely be rejoicing for their week of freedom. It is mid-semester and there is a brief interruption designed exclusively for leisure and repose. At this time plans of recreation, international trips or beach time are put into place. I usually plan to get lots of rest and attend a few functions, however this spring break I will be doing something completely different. I’m going to South Dakota!!!! Not quite what you were thinking for a spring break? It is no Cancun but I have a feeling it will be worthwhile… I’m going on an alternative spring break.

Alternative spring break is when students connect with the community by providing a service while gaining empirical knowledge. Projects are performed based on communal needs with focus on areas such as poverty, literacy, and homelessness among others. Participants engage in the aforementioned service projects to give back during their break but also profit extended comprehension of the difficulties confronted daily in society.

Alternative breaks re not just for spring, there are also alternative summer breaks. While CCBC has done a number of service trips, this will only be their second alternative spring break. In the past CCBC ASB participants traveled to Atlanta Georgia to work with the Refugee Family Services. During the summer ASB trips go international which is how CCBC ASB students were able to visit Costa Rica this past summer.

This spring we plant to travel to South Dakota to work with the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. We are going there to do anything within our power to help improve the quality of reservation life. The living conditions on this reservation are inhumane. On the Reservation the alcoholism rate estimated as high as 80% due to this, 1 in 4 infants born with fetal alcohol syndrome or effects. The suicide rate is more than twice the national rate, the teen suicide rate is 4 times the national rate and Infant mortality is three times the national rate. Most devastatingly “Life expectancy on Pine Ridge is the lowest in the United States and the 2nd lowest in the Western Hemisphere. Only Haiti has a lower rate.” Because of these appalling statistics and conditions CCBC students and staff are traveling to Pine Ridge to do anything they can do to help. ( see below in the comment section where Toni Aho, the colleges Student Leadership/Service Learning Administrator addresses why life on the reservation is in its current sate)

As of now information session for interested students have been prepared:

 Catonsville Dundalk
Wednesday november17th 1:30-3:30 pm Monday November 15th 1-3 pm
  Thursday November 18th 3-5 pm

Please contact Student life for meeting locations on campus.

The actual trip is from April 16-22 2011 and meetings and information seminars will occur from now until then to keep students up to date on pertinent information. I will be keeping you updated with more information and happenings as they become available. I am more than excited about this trip. It is my first time being a part of ASB and I simply cannot wait to partake on this adventure.

My fellow blogger May has attended ASB in the past and has blogged about it. To get a glimpse into what ASB is like check out her blog:

  Part I: http://blog.ccbcmd.edu/mverona/2010/10/02/question-what-do-you-get-when-you-put-ccbc-in-a-jungle/

 Part II: http://blog.ccbcmd.edu/mverona/2010/10/18/as-the-sea-turtle-reached-land/

For any more information please contact Toni Aho at 443-840-3847 or taho@ccbcmd.edu

Facebook: CCBC Alternative spring breaks

CCBC Civic Engagement: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/collegelife/civicengagement/index.html

Re-Member Foundation: http://www.re-member.org/default.aspx

More information coming very soon!!!!

 Molakaw na ko,


CCBC takes New York

The end of the semester is drawing near, which equates to lots of fun trips and events. Yaaay! These activities enable us to reunite, relax and rejoice. They are put in place to give us that calm at the end of the storm, and I must say that after this semester, relaxation is well deserved and much needed. 

 This semester’s end the Community college of Baltimore County is taking New York City by storm. You have the opportunity to visit the big city on three separate occasions in the month of December with varying agendas.

The CCBC Career Club

The career club is all about providing students with an avenue to explore various majors and career programs offered by CCBC based on a students chosen interest. This semester they are sponsoring a trip entitled “The New York Experience.” The career club explores a vast number of majors but this event is geared specifically to those interested in careers in business. All majors and students are welcomed to attend but be advised that you will gain an aspect of New York from a business perspective. The date is Thursday November 2nd 2010. A chartered bus will depart from CCBC Catonsville at 6:30 am. The caravan will return at 10:30 pm. The cost of the trip is a mere thirty dollars.

Plan to explore the following places:

v  Finance Museum

v  New York Stock Exchange

v  Federal Reserve Bank

v  NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony (this is going to be so cool!!!)

For more information on this trip stop into the career center and inquire or contact:

Mark William443-840-4334mwilliams@ccbcmd.edu James Gatling443-840-4627jgatling@ccbcmd.edu


The Lion King on Broadway

On Saturday December 18th the CCBC of student life is also promoting a trip to NYC. The schema is to go see the world famous Lion King on Broadway. 

Become one of over 55 million people to date to see this critically acclaimed play, based on the original 1994 Disney film. “The global phenomenon is the winner of more than 70 major awards worldwide, including the Tony Award® for Best Musical, and the Grammy® for Best Musical Show Album.”

The bus will depart at 8:00am sharp and return passengers to campus at 9:00pm. The prices are $35 for students, $40 for faculty and staff and $50 for guests of the college. Only one guest per person please.

Tickets for this CCBC trip go on sale November 15th for students and the 22nd for faculty and staff. There are a limited number of tickets so get yours early!!

For additional information contact student life at (443) 840 -4322

CCBC BSU  5th annual NYC Trip

The Black Student Union of CCBC Catonsville has announced its fifth annual fall semester trip to New York City. The trip includes a coach bus ride to and from campus, A visit to Woodbury Commons Premium Shopping Outlet, Ticket to see Broadway show, Memphis AND dinner. The date is Sunday December 19th. Departure and return will be from the Catonsville campus (K Building).  The bus will be leaving at 7:15 AM SHARP, and return at 11:00 PM.  

Ticket costs are as follows:

Students: $40

Faculty& Staff: $50

Guests: $60

At theses economical prices you are receiving so much. You are getting a day packed with events at one cost.

Be advised that there are only four seats available so get your tickets as soon as possible.

Contact aalleyne@ccbcmd.edu for more info

sign up now !!! Don’t miss out on a chance to visit the Big city with the Best College



[1]  http://disney.go.com/theatre/thelionking/broadway/#/about/

We’re in the home stretch!!!

I don’t even know what that means exactly, I just know it is synonymous with an end drawing near, and that is exactly where we are. There is about 6 weeks until the semester ends. At that point the newer students can say that they have conquered a semester of college and the returnees survived another!

By now we should know where we stand with our grades as yesterday was the last day to drop or withdraw from a class. Knowing where you stand, the opportunity has arisen to work to maintain or strive to improve. (I am doing the latter, it has been tough) make a plan for the next six weeks; design a way to make it through. Set up times to talk to your professor, get additional tutoring, and continuously review difficult material. Take all necessary measures to ensure success.

I know that you may be feeling tired and not as enthused but don’t let your hard work go to waste. Workloads can become a little more strenuous at this point and can be quite overwhelming. Do not become victims of this; continue the positive academic habits you have become familiar with. DO NOT SLACK!! Easier said than done, believe me. However, the last thing you want to do is work diligently three fourths of a semester and jeopardize it in the bottom half. I know you can make it. Set your mind and follow through!!!

In the next few weeks get a head start on finals review, cramming is not an option. Remember, the early bird gets the worm. Also, begin to think about spring semester, the classes you need, their prerequisites, cost. You can begin to prepare for all of this NOW!

Based on the grade you know you have and your knowledge of whether you will be able to move forward or repeat, make your spring class list. Registration begins November 15th and the semester begins January 31st. Consider cost. Based on your payment method, you may need to begin saving now, or start the scholarship or grant process. The in county tuition for the spring semester will be increase in the upcoming term, be advised it is now one hundred dollars per billable hour. Set yourself up so that when the spring begins you fell prepared and at ease.

As I said, we’re in the home stretch….. Load the bases and win the game.



Registration information:  http://www.ccbcmd.edu/registration/spring_reginfo.html

Payment information: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/registration/tuition.html


Hey Guys,

I’m back. Sorry to have left you. I became overwhelmed with my studies (mainly biology) and could not find the time to sleep, let alone blog. I had to go back and take my own tips on scheduling and organization and now I’m on top of things. :) I was welcomed back by wonderful comments. Thanks you guys! Now let’s get down to business…….. Well not really business, but I do have alot to share with you. I missed you!! Lol