I’m Back!!!!

 Hey guys,

After a brief and very much needed hiatus, I have returned. How are you guys? How was the holiday season? Great I hope. I really enjoyed this break, I got all the sleep I could handle, and before I knew it…… 2011 had arrived!!!!

New Year New start. This is exactly what I will be using this upcoming spring semester for, a new beginning. I’m planning to raise my GPA and schedule times to rest. I found that in the fall, I over exerted myself and was not getting enough sleep. I’ve learned from that and am ready to rock. Do you guys have any spring semester resolutions? I want to hear from you, especially those who just finished their first semester of college. How did you like it? As you can see it is an ongoing learning process in and out of the class. I am still tweaking my college survival plan…



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  1. jess Says:

    yay! Glad you’re back! Can’t wait to see more posts coming in!

  2. Ruth Coradin Says:

    My Spring semester resolution is to really make the best out of my last semester at CCBC. :)

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