I know Finals are approaching and your body is near exhaustion.  Before your knowledge of Chemistry and Avogadro’s number is examined I want to quiz you on how well you know your school! Obviously the last thing you want is some kind of test but we all as students of this college are CCBC, so let’s just see how well we know ourselves.

  • The president of the college is…..
    • Dr. Toni Aho
    • Sandra Kurtinitis
    • Julie Baugh
    • Paul Coakley
  • Match The CCBC campus to its sports team name:
    • Dundalk                                   Knights
    • Catonsville                              Lions
    • Essex                                        Cardinals  
  • What Kind of scholarships does CCBC accept/offer?
    • CCBC Foundation
    • Institution scholarships
    • External scholarships
    • All of the above
    • CCBC Foundation and institution
  • You may register for classes at CCBC…..
    • On line
    • On campus at the records and registration office
    • Via telephone
  • True of False: CCBC offers clinical counseling to their students
  • CCBC offers a degree or certificate in which of the following areas:
    • Anthropology
    • Histotechnology
    • Flight training
    • Astronomy
    • Only offers degrees based on careers in math or science

How well do you know CCBC afterall?

aabar dekha hobey,


* Answers & explanations coming soon :)

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