Your Score

Here are the answers from my CCBC quiz. The President of the college is Sandra Kurinitis. Dr. Kurtinitis has been “a college professional for more than 30 years.” This isn’t her first time being the leader of a college, Dr. Kurtinitis Was president at “Quinsigamond Community College in Massachusetts.” To read more about our faithful [...]


  I know Finals are approaching and your body is near exhaustion.  Before your knowledge of Chemistry and Avogadro’s number is examined I want to quiz you on how well you know your school! Obviously the last thing you want is some kind of test but we all as students of this college are CCBC, [...]

Happy Holidays

Hello All, Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas is up ahead. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s just something about the glittering lights, food and abundance of people around in joyful spirits. Every Christmas, I go into full overload. I start by picking a color scheme, and then the whole house gets decorated throughout. [...]


Here are some upcoming events being held by CCBC Catonsville’s Black Student union: On Friday November 12th 2010 the BSU, Micology and the Psychology club will be having a combined event/ discussion focusing on “Why Does Ignorance Sell”.  It will be from three until five PM in the CCBC Catonsville Barn. Attend if you can… [...]

Happy Veterans Day

Today I attended and volunteered my time at the CCBC Catonsville Veterans day event.  There was a Brief ceremony outdoors with a moment of silence following an indoor reception. There were refreshments, much admiration, and poignant stories from veterans.  The vet’s stories were quite touching and really inspired me, some of which were stdents just like [...]