Fall Leadership Retreat

A couple weekends ago (09/25) I went to Terrapin Adventures in Savage Maryland on a CCBC student life sponsored leadership retreat. (It was also a training opportunity for the ambassador program) TA is an adventure center that offers challenge courses, zip lining, horseback riding, and kayak fishing tours among a slew of other things. I [...]

Money grows on the tree of patience

As I went back and read over my Streeeeeeeeetching your funds  blog, I realized that there are other ways to save a little cash. The ideas I presented in the original blog were more along the lines of literally saving and storing money, this blog will focus more on short cuts and fun tips to [...]

I bid you farewell… Internationally

Hey you guys, You might have noticed that at the end of every blog I sign off and say goodbye in a different language. I loooove variety and that coupled with the ability to incorporate different cultures into my post, gives me a pretty great way to depart. So far I have featured Italian, German, [...]