I’m Back!!!!

 Hey guys,

After a brief and very much needed hiatus, I have returned. How are you guys? How was the holiday season? Great I hope. I really enjoyed this break, I got all the sleep I could handle, and before I knew it…… 2011 had arrived!!!!

New Year New start. This is exactly what I will be using this upcoming spring semester for, a new beginning. I’m planning to raise my GPA and schedule times to rest. I found that in the fall, I over exerted myself and was not getting enough sleep. I’ve learned from that and am ready to rock. Do you guys have any spring semester resolutions? I want to hear from you, especially those who just finished their first semester of college. How did you like it? As you can see it is an ongoing learning process in and out of the class. I am still tweaking my college survival plan…



Your Score

Here are the answers from my CCBC quiz.

The President of the college is Sandra Kurinitis. Dr. Kurtinitis has been “a college professional for more than 30 years.” This isn’t her first time being the leader of a college, Dr. Kurtinitis Was president at “Quinsigamond Community College in Massachusetts.” To read more about our faithful leader, visit http://www.ccbcmd.edu/ccbc/cabinet/kurtinitisbio.html

CCBC Dundalk Lions, CCBC Essex Knights, and the CCBC Catonsville Cardinals

The Community College of Baltimore County offers/accepts CCBC Foundation, Institution and External Scholarships. Here are some links to help you further explore each type of scholarship.

Foundation: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/foundation/scholarships/scholarships.html

Institution: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/financialaid/institutionalscholarships.html

External: http://www.ccbcmd.edu/financialaid/externalscholarships.html

You May register for class at your local CCBC campus on line or at the records and registration office. Currently Telephone Registration is NOT available ;)


In addition to academic advising CCBC does offer clinical counseling services. Counseling discussions are completely confidential and an array of subject matter can be explored.


The Community College of Catonsville offers degree or certificates in Anthropology, Histotechnology, Flight training and Astronomy.

Just in case you’re considering changing your major or just want to know whets offered, visit http://www.ccbcmd.edu/academics/program_alpha.html  for a complete list of programs.

So, how did you do?

As always, Thanks for participating





I know Finals are approaching and your body is near exhaustion.  Before your knowledge of Chemistry and Avogadro’s number is examined I want to quiz you on how well you know your school! Obviously the last thing you want is some kind of test but we all as students of this college are CCBC, so let’s just see how well we know ourselves.

  • The president of the college is…..
    • Dr. Toni Aho
    • Sandra Kurtinitis
    • Julie Baugh
    • Paul Coakley
  • Match The CCBC campus to its sports team name:
    • Dundalk                                   Knights
    • Catonsville                              Lions
    • Essex                                        Cardinals  
  • What Kind of scholarships does CCBC accept/offer?
    • CCBC Foundation
    • Institution scholarships
    • External scholarships
    • All of the above
    • CCBC Foundation and institution
  • You may register for classes at CCBC…..
    • On line
    • On campus at the records and registration office
    • Via telephone
  • True of False: CCBC offers clinical counseling to their students
  • CCBC offers a degree or certificate in which of the following areas:
    • Anthropology
    • Histotechnology
    • Flight training
    • Astronomy
    • Only offers degrees based on careers in math or science

How well do you know CCBC afterall?

aabar dekha hobey,


* Answers & explanations coming soon :)

Happy Holidays

Hello All,

Thanksgiving has just passed and Christmas is up ahead. Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. It’s just something about the glittering lights, food and abundance of people around in joyful spirits. Every Christmas, I go into full overload. I start by picking a color scheme, and then the whole house gets decorated throughout. I pick out holiday music, go on a baking frenzy and this year we have a new canine addition to our family, so I’m even going to dress her up to reflect my holiday spirit. What are some things you guys like to do? Any family traditions? What about the dreaded holiday travel? I’ll be posted here in Baltimore, but I know of people going as far as San Diego this holiday season. No matter what you do, ENJOY yourself.

Happy holidays.




Here are some upcoming events being held by CCBC Catonsville’s Black Student union:

On Friday November 12th 2010 the BSU, Micology and the Psychology club will be having a combined event/ discussion focusing on “Why Does Ignorance Sell”.  It will be from three until five PM in the CCBC Catonsville Barn. Attend if you can… it should be jam packed ful of really good dialogue.


Upcoming next Thursday November 18th beginning at 9:30 am until 11 will be a visual presentation on Jim Crow laws and its effect on society. The presentation will be delivered by a guest speaker in building K room 100 on the Catonsville campus.