George Alan Wisniewski Jr. Speaks His Mind

In an effort to bring a little more positivity to the exciting end of the semester, I’m bringing in George, a prince of men, as a guest blogger. He has written a positively positive blog, and I’m going to post it. George is a fellow Student Ambassador, a friend, and all around nice guy. Enjoy! [...]

Degrees and Jell-o!

Experience is an education worth more than any degree. We read books. We make flash cards. We ace our tests. We’re college kids. We go through our two, four, ten years of college and no one ever explains why we’re actually there. Yes, of course it’s to get a “job-worthy degree,” but what if you [...]

A Pirate Never Stops Caching!

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! It’s a pirates life for me. I’m just going to lay it out there for you, man. Geocaching is a pirate’s life. It’s rough, it’s tumble, and it’s full of loot. So what do you need to know? People like to equate geocaching to a worldwide scavenger hunt. There are caches [...]

Hi, My Name is Mark. I’m a Recovering Learner.

For today I’d like to discuss something a little more serious. This is more of a stream of consciousness, something I can’t articulate so well. There’s no real point to it, but I feel like writing, and this is the appropriate medium. Let us begin. I have a flaw of the most confusing kind. It’s [...]

DreamLand 2: Zombies and Yogurt!

It’s dream time again! I’d kindly like to share with you a few brief moments of my brain splattered into words. I wish it were Halloween. This dream might make a lot more sense! My City We’re a post-apocalyptic world, zombie style. It’s a bit hackneyed, I know, but you can shut your face and [...]