George Alan Wisniewski Jr. Speaks His Mind

In an effort to bring a little more positivity to the exciting end of the semester, I’m bringing in George, a prince of men, as a guest blogger. He has written a positively positive blog, and I’m going to post it. George is a fellow Student Ambassador, a friend, and all around nice guy. Enjoy!

This is George. Isn't he precious!

“My journey at CCBC nears and although it seems as if it had just begun, in reality it has been five years! I’m eager for the future; but as for the unknown, I’m terrified. I’m saddened because I’m leaving what I’ve grown so accustomed to, but I know it’s time to move on. My foundation has been built. I’ve met many great people. From students, to professors, to deans, and even to The president of CCBC (Whoa, what a person to look up to!). CCBC has given me that opportunity. We students need to recognize this because this is what we want! Now it’s time to risk everything guys, and go out into the unknown.

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.” Success only comes from those who want it. Hard work, dedication and determination please! Opportunity cost is at hand here, and it’s time to make a lot of decisions. But my questions to you are “How bad do you want to succeed?—not only in life but what do you want from life? What is your purpose or reason behind what you’re studying? What are you demanding of yourself? Are your expectations too low, or high? Should you be achieving more or less? Where do you see yourself after you graduate, or better yet, in 6 months? I want us as students, to evaluate ourselves and set goals! Create a SWOT analysis of our self. It’s our time to shine! We need to look at our strengths and weakness and learn from them. Take a look at our competition currently out in the field that we’re studying. What do you have to do to get their job? Do you currently have the skills needed to succeed? Use your strengths to your advantage and work on our weaknesses. Our weaknesses set us apart.

George participating in events with CCBC greats, Brittany Ermer, and Kelley.

The past holds a bunch of “what ifs,” but I’m talking about the present, right now, and our future. Your pop may want you to be a firefighter, a nurse, a doctor, FBI agent or just a career where you can have that 25 years and out. But it doesn’t matter what he wants. It’s what you want! We control our destiny. I can think about my “what if” situations all day, but that’s not going to get me anywhere. What if I didn’t stutter? What if I went right out of High School to a 4 year University? Why didn’t I apply for scholarships while I was graduating top 10 percent of my class during High School? What if my parents pushed education and knew what an education meant? What if I would have just spoke up that one time? What if all I thought for the rest of my life was what if?

This semester I sat in class, and I realized that we are our own maker. We decide what holds value to us. We set the standard for ourselves, and we make it happen. There’s no more public school just passing us along to the next grade holding our hand. It’s time to buckle down guys and figure out what we like to do. Everyone is our competition. Every person you meet, be excited and happy to meet them but in the back of your head just know that they could take your dream job!

Advocacy Day-George sits in the chair for important people

The time we put into our education will be worth it guys! Education is worth every penny, and it’s a good investment! Let’s not forget all the good debt too! I’m also talking about getting involved. That is the biggest thing for me this semester. This year I was really active, from SIFE, to CHRA(Chesapeake human resource association), to networking sessions,  to student ambassador, to going to Annapolis to Advocate for CCBC, Candidates Night and just taking part in student involvement and activities. Not only is it fun to be a student, but with getting involved you get to apply what your learning in the classroom! You get to figure out how you lead, how you interact with groups, understand that diversity is everywhere, and you’ll realize that theirs different styles needed depending upon your audience. You’ll learn to listen and here peoples point of views. From trips to South Dakota, workshops on your skills, black history month, earth day, everything to fit your educational needs and interests. CCBC has it!

Find George! He's a true Ambassador of all things CCBC

I can’t wait for U.B. I’m stoked for June 4th! Accountant, HR or finance? Business man here I come! Maybe I should have prepared and planned better throughout my High School years. Maybe I should have gotten involved in my earlier college years. I don’t like maybe guys! Let’s make it reality. Just start now! CCBC needs to be looked at as your institution; it’s your ticket to freedom. It’s your freedom of poverty, stereotypes, and allows for the freedom of choice. “Destiny is not a matter of chance, It’s a matter of choice.” The chance for you to do whatever you wish with your life, the pride, confidence, and independent lifestyle that we all love. It can be obtained! Using what we learned, all thanks to CCBC. So on June 4th I say my good byes. I’m disappointed I’m leaving but now it’s your time! I won’t forget my last year at CCBC! I’ll always remember the workshops, trips and affairs that I had the opportunity to attend and all my skills that I take with me. I’ll never forget the stress management, time management, and prioritizing life skills that I’ll forever, thanks to CCBC. To communicating skills, leadership skills and to everyone who allowed me in their life, I thank you!

But guys, start now! “Failing to plan is planning to fail” So take the time. I want you to set achievable goals for yourself within a week, a month, 6 months, a year, to 5 years. I always hear that it’s never to late to start your education. That holds true. It’s never too late to set goals for yourself. There are a lot of things I wish I did, but what’s done is done. Use CCBC for everything it has to offer! And don’t wonder ‘what if.’”

Authored by George Alan Wisniewski Jr., soon-to-be CCBC graduate.

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