George Alan Wisniewski Jr. Speaks His Mind

In an effort to bring a little more positivity to the exciting end of the semester, I’m bringing in George, a prince of men, as a guest blogger. He has written a positively positive blog, and I’m going to post it. George is a fellow Student Ambassador, a friend, and all around nice guy. Enjoy!

This is George. Isn't he precious!

“My journey at CCBC nears and although it seems as if it had just begun, in reality it has been five years! I’m eager for the future; but as for the unknown, I’m terrified. I’m saddened because I’m leaving what I’ve grown so accustomed to, but I know it’s time to move on. My foundation has been built. I’ve met many great people. From students, to professors, to deans, and even to The president of CCBC (Whoa, what a person to look up to!). CCBC has given me that opportunity. We students need to recognize this because this is what we want! Now it’s time to risk everything guys, and go out into the unknown.

“If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.” Success only comes from those who want it. Hard work, dedication and determination please! Opportunity cost is at hand here, and it’s time to make a lot of decisions. But my questions to you are “How bad do you want to succeed?—not only in life but what do you want from life? What is your purpose or reason behind what you’re studying? What are you demanding of yourself? Are your expectations too low, or high? Should you be achieving more or less? Where do you see yourself after you graduate, or better yet, in 6 months? I want us as students, to evaluate ourselves and set goals! Create a SWOT analysis of our self. It’s our time to shine! We need to look at our strengths and weakness and learn from them. Take a look at our competition currently out in the field that we’re studying. What do you have to do to get their job? Do you currently have the skills needed to succeed? Use your strengths to your advantage and work on our weaknesses. Our weaknesses set us apart.

George participating in events with CCBC greats, Brittany Ermer, and Kelley.

The past holds a bunch of “what ifs,” but I’m talking about the present, right now, and our future. Your pop may want you to be a firefighter, a nurse, a doctor, FBI agent or just a career where you can have that 25 years and out. But it doesn’t matter what he wants. It’s what you want! We control our destiny. I can think about my “what if” situations all day, but that’s not going to get me anywhere. What if I didn’t stutter? What if I went right out of High School to a 4 year University? Why didn’t I apply for scholarships while I was graduating top 10 percent of my class during High School? What if my parents pushed education and knew what an education meant? What if I would have just spoke up that one time? What if all I thought for the rest of my life was what if?

This semester I sat in class, and I realized that we are our own maker. We decide what holds value to us. We set the standard for ourselves, and we make it happen. There’s no more public school just passing us along to the next grade holding our hand. It’s time to buckle down guys and figure out what we like to do. Everyone is our competition. Every person you meet, be excited and happy to meet them but in the back of your head just know that they could take your dream job!

Advocacy Day-George sits in the chair for important people

The time we put into our education will be worth it guys! Education is worth every penny, and it’s a good investment! Let’s not forget all the good debt too! I’m also talking about getting involved. That is the biggest thing for me this semester. This year I was really active, from SIFE, to CHRA(Chesapeake human resource association), to networking sessions,  to student ambassador, to going to Annapolis to Advocate for CCBC, Candidates Night and just taking part in student involvement and activities. Not only is it fun to be a student, but with getting involved you get to apply what your learning in the classroom! You get to figure out how you lead, how you interact with groups, understand that diversity is everywhere, and you’ll realize that theirs different styles needed depending upon your audience. You’ll learn to listen and here peoples point of views. From trips to South Dakota, workshops on your skills, black history month, earth day, everything to fit your educational needs and interests. CCBC has it!

Find George! He's a true Ambassador of all things CCBC

I can’t wait for U.B. I’m stoked for June 4th! Accountant, HR or finance? Business man here I come! Maybe I should have prepared and planned better throughout my High School years. Maybe I should have gotten involved in my earlier college years. I don’t like maybe guys! Let’s make it reality. Just start now! CCBC needs to be looked at as your institution; it’s your ticket to freedom. It’s your freedom of poverty, stereotypes, and allows for the freedom of choice. “Destiny is not a matter of chance, It’s a matter of choice.” The chance for you to do whatever you wish with your life, the pride, confidence, and independent lifestyle that we all love. It can be obtained! Using what we learned, all thanks to CCBC. So on June 4th I say my good byes. I’m disappointed I’m leaving but now it’s your time! I won’t forget my last year at CCBC! I’ll always remember the workshops, trips and affairs that I had the opportunity to attend and all my skills that I take with me. I’ll never forget the stress management, time management, and prioritizing life skills that I’ll forever, thanks to CCBC. To communicating skills, leadership skills and to everyone who allowed me in their life, I thank you!

But guys, start now! “Failing to plan is planning to fail” So take the time. I want you to set achievable goals for yourself within a week, a month, 6 months, a year, to 5 years. I always hear that it’s never to late to start your education. That holds true. It’s never too late to set goals for yourself. There are a lot of things I wish I did, but what’s done is done. Use CCBC for everything it has to offer! And don’t wonder ‘what if.’”

Authored by George Alan Wisniewski Jr., soon-to-be CCBC graduate.

Degrees and Jell-o!

A stock photo that came up when I googled CCBC. Let's pretend that I'm good friends with these people!

Experience is an education worth more than any degree. We read books. We make flash cards. We ace our tests. We’re college kids. We go through our two, four, ten years of college and no one ever explains why we’re actually there. Yes, of course it’s to get a “job-worthy degree,” but what if you didn’t need one of those to make it? Would you actually be going to college?

I would.

When I ate this cake, I ate the man too. He was foolish to think he'd survive just because he was plastic!

I wouldn’t go to learn things. I mean, I love learning things, but I can do that on my own. In my four years between high school and CCBC, I read hundreds of books. College gave me something much more valuable than facts; it gave me experience. There’s something special about a collegiate environment. It’s a microcosm, a bubble of thought, a pile of intellectual compost. If you finish your education and you have no experiences where you say “What was I thinking?!” you’re doing it wrong. College is about diving headfirst into a bed full of green Jell-o, rolling around in it, and hugging the next person you see. Oh, haven’t done that yet, have you? Get on it, college student. Take care of business.

This was a fly shindig that Da Vinci went to in his college years. It was, like, the best party ever! Everyone was talking about it for months!

The canvas analogy is often used, isn’t it? We all start out as a plain, white canvas. Our experiences stain. They provide contrast, colors, and life. By the end of our years, long or short as they are, there’s a painting of a life. There’s a masterpiece of experience, the depth of which is known only by your closest friends. If you do it right, you’ll die feeling fulfilled.

That’s what college is. It’s a chance to bring you more colors. It’s a chance to bring you a depth of character that you don’t have. Maybe you don’t like Jell-o. Maybe you’re a pudding kind of person. Maybe you find food fights offensive, and you’d prefer to sit in a coffee shop and discuss the mythology behind Hercules instead. Whatever experience leaves you with a feeling of awe, good or bad—that’s what you want. You want to be awed. You want to be appalled, elated, and every other emotion that I lack the vocabulary to describe.

Don't forget, procrastination is bad! Being completely prepared for an exam is also a good thing to experience once or twice.

Don’t get me wrong. Studying is great. Do that first! Once your grades are good, it’s time to take the next step. It’s time to paint your collegiate experience, which I can only hope will be rife with “oops” and “Woah!” and “What just happened?!”

Just remember, nobody respects the degree. They respect you.

A Pirate Never Stops Caching!

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! It’s a pirates life for me.

I’m just going to lay it out there for you, man. Geocaching is a pirate’s life. It’s rough, it’s tumble, and it’s full of loot.

The cache was hidden under the log I'm sitting on. Yea, I lifted that log up like it was nothin'. I'm strong and stuff.

So what do you need to know? People like to equate geocaching to a worldwide scavenger hunt. There are caches on every continent, and everyone’s doing it. Peer pressure! Basically, a cache is a small container hidden amongst shrubberies, under bug-filled logs, and on top of mountains. Whoever hides the cache measures the lat/longitude and records the coordinates. We put coordinates in a GPS and we hunt down our bounty. It sounds simple, right?

What they won’t tell you, gentle lad or lass, is that it’s a world full of magic and mischief. There’s frolicking, Wizards, and all sorts of other fanciful goodies. Why, I once heard a story of a cacher finding the One Cache to rule them all. Then he had to, like, walk a hundred miles and take it to a lava-filled mountain. Everyone wanted the cache because it gave you special powers or something. They even made a movie about it. It was called Lord of the Rings. Yea, Frodo Baggins was actually a geocacher. You heard it here first.

With fellow cachers Hannah Consentino, Brittany Ermer, Michelle Nebinger (left to right)--My face isn't sad. That's my "I'm winning" face.

Now, you may or may not know this about me, but I’m a freakin’ pirate. I’m not Somalian or anything, but I’ve done some plundering. I’ve done some raucous rambling after a day of looting me golds and silvers. I’m a master of the open seas—well, maybe it’s better to say that I’m a master of small rivers, lakes, and ponds.

So for me, caching is a bit of an adventure. Mary Jo Garcia, GeoBoss at Dundalk, even lets me carry a foam sword around when we go out. I tromp through forests of all colors, and I stick my hands into spider-filled crevices. There’s an ongoing joke amongst the Dundalk cachers (our team name is d-webz) that I fall down a lot. I don’t fall, you see. I routinely drop to the ground so I can put my ears down and listen for any approaching bad guys. Yea, that’s it.

GeoBoss MJ Garcia on the far right. We actually had to lower me into a Cave of Despair to get this cache. Notice the headlamps!

As you can see above, when we find a cache, we take a picture of our loot to record our success. I’m not going to say we’ve fought dragons, kung fu-d ninjas, or outsmarted chess players to get these caches. I’m just saying…

Yo Ho, Yo Ho! It’s a pirate’s life for me.

We pillage, we plunder, we rifle and loot. Drink up me ‘earties, Yo Ho!

Hi, My Name is Mark. I’m a Recovering Learner.

For today I’d like to discuss something a little more serious. This is more of a stream of consciousness, something I can’t articulate so well. There’s no real point to it, but I feel like writing, and this is the appropriate medium. Let us begin.

His hair is beautifully parted!

I have a flaw of the most confusing kind. It’s not definitively good or bad, per se. It’s a flaw that offers benefits and cons. I am completely incapable of balance. I’m speaking of “the balance” of one’s life, the ability to maintain personal, professional, and possibly school-related goals. It’s a sort of Star Wars-esque force that either makes us all happy or makes us stressed out and bitter. The balance, as it’s called, is something I don’t understand. When I have an interest, when I find something that draws my attention, I dive headfirst into that thing. Like a Viking en route to a pillage-able countryside, I unleash all my energy into that topic. I want to know everything about it. I want to conquer it in every way. When I walk into a dinner party, I want to be the pompous jerk whose “expertise” is unparalleled on that issue.

Unfortunately for me, that habit isn’t really conducive to real life. You can’t drop all your responsibilities because you find something that interests you. Just because you like clock-making, or painting, or the chemical makeup of a desk, doesn’t mean you can spend all your time learning about it. You still have work, school, and other stuff, right? Well, for some reason my mind doesn’t work that way. I cannot stop thinking about something that I’m interested in. I can’t stop until I know all there is to know.

This picture is here because it prevents my blog from being a long block of text. :)

Even worse, once I devour all the information on a topic, I’m done with it. Once I figure something out, I have no use for it. This happens with everything, even people. I’m on my way to becoming a doctor. I’m 2/10 years into it, and I want it bad. However, I know that once I become a doctor, once I feel like I’ve learned everything about the profession, I won’t have any interest in being a doctor. Once I know all there is to know, I’ll move on to the next thing. It’s scary.

The flaw I’m speaking about is some perverted form of intellectual curiosity. Because of it, I know a lot of stuff. I learn a lot of things. I’m successful, but I’m never content. I have no ability to be contented, and I have no ability to “enjoy” things. Maybe every student feels this way. Maybe we’re all ingesting so much information that it’s impossible to simply sit down and live. Hurray for living!

DreamLand 2: Zombies and Yogurt!

It’s dream time again! I’d kindly like to share with you a few brief moments of my brain splattered into words. I wish it were Halloween. This dream might make a lot more sense!

My City

We’re a post-apocalyptic world, zombie style. It’s a bit hackneyed, I know, but you can shut your face and listen!

At this point the world has been trashed long enough that the zombies are starting to slow down. I don’t know if their bodies are decaying or if the drugs that reanimated them are starting to wear off, but it’s a lot easier to survive then it used to be. The downside to zombie-world having been around so long is that pretty much everyone on the planet is dead. Human beings are endangered, ya dig.

I’m not sure what city I’m in, but I’m in a hospital. All of the zombies are pretty slow moving, much like someone with a hangover, so they’re pretty easy to kill. I’m with a fellow CCBC student, and we’re trying to find some sort of “source” to the virus that made all of the zombies. We’re walking through the hospital at night. Obviously there are no lights, and we’ve only got one flashlight between us.

A lab like this, but more zombiefied!

The dream is kind of hazy at this point, but basically we enter this huge room that looks like one of those testing science labs you see in a SciFi movie. There are a bunch of zombie scientists, and we pick them off pretty easily. Pew bong pew. Yea, those are sound effects. We find one living scientists who has gone crazy, and he keeps screaming about how “they” are spreading the infection, how “they” are pumping it into the atmosphere. I kick him in the shins, and I take the last vat of the virus. The virus looks like little frozen cubes of Gatorade, and it’s mixed with yogurt. I assume it’s not actually yogurt, but it looks really similar.

Now, my sidekick and I are kind of sure that we’re immune to the virus, but we aren’t positive. So I’m dragging this huge vat of goop to the train we have to catch, and I spill some on my hand. We both start screaming, and there’s about a five minute break in the dream where I’m just shaking my hand and freaking out.

We had an entire vat full of these

We take the train to the airport. See, there aren’t really enough human beings left for anyone to bother anyone else, but each city has a “boss.” There are probably about five airplanes left in the country, and these airplanes fly everywhere. Only bosses get airplanes, man.  Our city’s boss is at the airport, and we hop on a flight. I ask them to take us to Seattle, but they say they’re heading to California. …freakin sun-loving hippies. Give me some bleak rainy weather any day.

We get on the plane, and as the plane is taking off I wake up. The boss of the city we were going to has red hair. That’s the last thing I remember them telling me.

The End! I wish I could revisit dreams when I fall asleep, like flipping the tv station or something. I really want to know if I end up becoming one of the undead in that dream. Hrm. I’m pretty sure that red-haired guy wasn’t making it far once I got to this city. I had a bad feeling about him. Anyway, keep on livin’, my fellow survivors! Adios