Spend Wisely

Last week at Catonsville, we had a poverty simulation activity. We were all divided into different families and were put in hard times.  It was actually a traumatizing experience acting like I didn’t have money… (Not like I had before :( ). The experience opened a part of life I didn’t know was as deep as that. I made a decision as from that day on to always make sure I save money and to make sure I do good in school and get a well paying job. On that note, make sure you look around for events posted by the student life. I can promise you that they are always fun, and you won’t regret attending .

I also attended the fair trade bazaar, it was too emotional for me :’( … Do you know how many young west African kids are forced to perform hazardous tasks? (I don’t know as well, but they are quite many). And did you know some of the cocoa gotten to make the chocolate we eat is as a result of child labor :( (I get scared to eat chocolate these days) .

Also, there are Political Science internships for the winter up for grabs. You get to work with Senators and governmental departments. Contact the Political Science department for more information.


Join a club or organization today if you have not joined any… For more information on clubs and organizations, contact student life. Have a nice week. :)

Financial Fasting

Last Ambassador meeting, an advisor advised us to undergo a financial fast. During this period, we were not allowed to spend money on anything. Some opted for the one day fast, but I decided to do the 1-week fast. ( I actually spent most my money shopping that weekend, so it was easier for me as my wallet was already dry :( ) It was a painful experience, as I had to go through the cafeteria all week, smell the food, but could not buy it, at least not with my own money. I saw some nice stuffs online, but still could not buy it. Over the course of that week, I saved a lot of money from not spending ( I bought what I saw online the other day at exactly 12:00 am on monday tho ;) ) and it showed me that I did not have to spend all the time. It proved to me that nothing would go wrong if I did not spend too much. I even plan on going on another financial fast soon… (Probably after the Play Station 4 gets out :D ), but I believe you should try it. Save your Money!! Embark on the journey of Financial Fasting….


…. That CCBC has a lot of facilities aimed at helping us improve our stay in college? I was walking to my class (as usual) and someone came up to me and said she needed help with her ENGL 101. I paused. I asked her if she had not heard of the Writing Center and she surprisingly said she had not. So im dedicating this blog to let you guys know of the different facilities we have in CCBC. We have the Testing Center ( Catonsville, SSRV 205, Essex, SSRV 215 and Dundalk, Mash 111). The testing center is designed to help administer tests. There is the writing center, which helps you in the writing your essays. (Catonsville, Former Y Building, 121, Dundalk, Former L Building 123, and Essex, Former building 338). Other than this facilities, we have the Project Spark, the Career Center, the Student Success Centers and also the Speech Lab. All these facilities are designed to help we students succeed in college, and we most definitely need to know them and make use of them when we can. Hopefully no one stops me on my way to class again to ask me about these places :(


 I have not posted in a while. I am sorry. Blame it all on the midterm madness. Midterm projects due, Midterm exams to study for and I also have to make sure I look good in the morning (Looking good is important too right). Despite all the midterm madness happening around, you might find it surprising that I still carry the handsome smile every single day. I am still that calm fellow who answers your questions when you stop me on my way to class to ask me for the CLRM Building (If you dont know all the buildings on campus yet, then we cant be friends lol). Everyone asks me why I am so calm this period, why my black face still beams with smiles, and why I dont look even slightly bothered. Do you actually think I am going to let my secret out though? Nope, but guess what? Anybody? Nobody? CCBC Student Life present to you, the Mid-semester study break. Wanna know a secret? Anybody? Nobody?? Even I dont know what is going to happen on that day.. But it definitely is going to be a day to relax yourself. There is also the pet wheels day on the same day as the Mid-semester study break, so it seems like it is going to be a fun-filled day. It takes place on the 10th of October, from 3-5. My fellow cool ambassadors would be there to assist you to have a fun-filled day. See you there. See me there. :D


Really, Don’t text while you are driving. It can save your life and another person’s life. Today, at CCBC Catonsville, we had a texting and driving simulation. It was a wonderful event, I must say. We got into a 2013 Toyota Corolla ( Yeah, we cool like that) and we were given a phone to text with. Sadly, we did not drive the car. It was just a Simulation, but still, it was fun. There was free food, and the ambassadors that were on stand were cool (Agnes, Nelly and Wale ;) ). I took some pictures for you guys to see, I could not take much because I was working. Like I said, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. IT CAN WAIT.

  The Closing moments

   The guy in charge of the simulation

  This guy boasted he could text and drive smoothly. He failed woefully :(

 Marie-Agnes and the handsome Wale :D  It really can wait