I refuse to bore you guys with a long post about what to do and what not to do to be a successful student. I am just going to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! -Eat that turkey well -Be Safe -Have Fun (Or Turn up as they say) -And Get enough rest….. Finals are almost immediately after [...]

“If you want to succeed as hard as you want to breathe, only then, would you have the key to success” – Eric Thomas

   Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a video I believe would be helpful to us, now that finals season is approaching. Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, and listening to what he had to say about being successful made me stop and reassess myself. We all want to succeed, and it seems like we [...]

Do you plan on taking a winter class?

    Its that time again… Time for us to register for our winter classes. By the way, i hope everyone knows that winter is just 4 weeks? Yeah, so quick advice, do not take a 4-credit course in the winter. It’s a lot stressful in the regular semesters, not to talk about winter. Take easy [...]

The Cold Weather

Am I the only African who suddenly wants to hop on the next flight to the motherland because of this weather? I cant believe i’m saying this, but I miss the heat. Waking up in this cold could be such a struggle, despite the fact that I use an alarm clock and phone alarm to [...]

“Do you have any Drop/Add sheets? “

Today, while I was working at the information desk with Kay (Another Ambassador), people kept coming and it was a really busy day. I was so sad, because most of them were asking for the same thing, “Do you know how I can withdraw from my class”. I kept giving them the form until we [...]