About Me

 Hello everyone. My name is Olawale, but its okay to call me Wale, and yes Wale like Wale the rapper (I’m cool like that). I currently attend CCBC at Catonsville. I am a Political Science Major and I hope to transfer to College Park or Towson University. I want to go to Law School, and become a prosecutor. I am the vice president of the African Students Union at CCBC and an active member in the film society of CCBC. One thing you should know is, I love Music and I am a die-hard soccer fan. I love rap music and I am also a fan of the Arsenal Football Club in the English Premier League. I think i’m funny, well my friends say I am, so I guess I am funny. Hopefully, I entertain you guys on this page (Well, I’m funny, so I guess I would).