“If you want to succeed as hard as you want to breathe, only then, would you have the key to success” – Eric Thomas

   Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a video I believe would be helpful to us, now that finals season is approaching. Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, and listening to what he had to say about being successful made me stop and reassess myself. We all want to succeed, and it seems like we are taking the wrong steps to attaining success. This video i uploaded to this blog post would show you the steps to success, and you can also youtube more videos. His name is ET the Hiphop preacher. It would be a life changing experience for all of us, as I am certain we all want to be successful.



Also, we had a townhall meeting at Catonsville today. I got to see Dr K, the president of CCBC. I was actually as excited as I probably would be when I see Obama… ( As a cool guy, I just sat on the chair with my legs crossed lol :D )

There are spots available for Student Life Ambassadors and First Year Experience Mentors. You just have to go to the Student Life Office to get an application form and turn it in by the due date.

I just want to welcome my boss, the head of the ambassadors back, Ms Lesley. She went on maternity leave, we missed her, and now she is back.

Till Next Time… Adios my people :)

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