Do you plan on taking a winter class?

    Its that time again… Time for us to register for our winter classes. By the way, i hope everyone knows that winter is just 4 weeks? Yeah, so quick advice, do not take a 4-credit course in the winter. It’s a lot stressful in the regular semesters, not to talk about winter. Take easy classes, classes that do not require a lot of work and studying. Shy away from classes like Calculus, Statistis, Biology and most sciences. You can take other General Ed. courses to help you get more credits.


   Also, before you pick classes, it is advisable you see an advisor and talk to them about your class choices. If you are on financial aid, they might not cover it, if you do not have enough money to cover it, nonetheless, it is advisable you check with them about that. 

Stay Warm and Have Fun.

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