“Do you have any Drop/Add sheets? “

Today, while I was working at the information desk with Kay (Another Ambassador), people kept coming and it was a really busy day. I was so sad, because most of them were asking for the same thing, “Do you know how I can withdraw from my class”. I kept giving them the form until we ran out. Kay had to go inside the main office to get more.  After the whole saga, I was talking to Kay about my Political Science class and how difficult it was, and how I wanted to drop it and she told me the deadline to drop class on the 1st of November, and I was shocked. Then the whole puzzle came together and it was then I realized and understood why everyone kept dropping class. It took me 2 hours to decide whether or not I should drop my class, and then I decided not to. So in case you didn’t know, the deadline to drop classes with a ‘W’and no refund is Friday, November 1.


For those on Financial Aid, it is recommended that you check in with Financial aid before you decide to drop your class.


To drop a class, walk up to the information desk, and request a Drop/Aed form from the staff you see there. Take the already completed form to registration and enrollment, and they would help you out. You cannot drop classes online.


I know people drop classes for different reasons, but if it is possible for you to stay in the class and succeed, then give it a try. Put in the extra work, and you would succeed. I believe everyone has the ability to succeed, as long as they are really thirsty for success.


On that note, I would like to remind us all to look around for Student Life activities.  If you haven’t been to the events, then you have been missing.



I really hope my teacher sees this and gives me extra credit, but Communication Week is around the corner. It is held on all 3 campuses one day each. It is going to be a great event.  Look around for posters on it. Thank you, and have a great week.

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