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Last week at Catonsville, we had a poverty simulation activity. We were all divided into different families and were put in hard times. ┬áIt was actually a traumatizing experience acting like I didn’t have money… (Not like I had before :( ). The experience opened a part of life I didn’t know was as deep as that. I made a decision as from that day on to always make sure I save money and to make sure I do good in school and get a well paying job. On that note, make sure you look around for events posted by the student life. I can promise you that they are always fun, and you won’t regret attending .

I also attended the fair trade bazaar, it was too emotional for me :’( … Do you know how many young west African kids are forced to perform hazardous tasks? (I don’t know as well, but they are quite many). And did you know some of the cocoa gotten to make the chocolate we eat is as a result of child labor :( (I get scared to eat chocolate these days) .

Also, there are Political Science internships for the winter up for grabs. You get to work with Senators and governmental departments. Contact the Political Science department for more information.


Join a club or organization today if you have not joined any… For more information on clubs and organizations, contact student life. Have a nice week. :)

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  1. Toni Says:

    I’m glad that those events were meaningful to you. The Fair Trade Bazaar is always a really meaningful event to me–I think so many people really aren’t aware of what goes into the things they consume…Spread the word :)

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