Financial Fasting

Last Ambassador meeting, an advisor advised us to undergo a financial fast. During this period, we were not allowed to spend money on anything. Some opted for the one day fast, but I decided to do the 1-week fast. ( I actually spent most my money shopping that weekend, so it was easier for me as my wallet was already dry :( ) It was a painful experience, as I had to go through the cafeteria all week, smell the food, but could not buy it, at least not with my own money. I saw some nice stuffs online, but still could not buy it. Over the course of that week, I saved a lot of money from not spending ( I bought what I saw online the other day at exactly 12:00 am on monday tho ;) ) and it showed me that I did not have to spend all the time. It proved to me that nothing would go wrong if I did not spend too much. I even plan on going on another financial fast soon… (Probably after the Play Station 4 gets out :D ), but I believe you should try it. Save your Money!! Embark on the journey of Financial Fasting….

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  1. Eke Says:

    Oh shoot! I totally forgot about the financial fasting smh!

  2. Vanessa Wright Says:

    This is so hard.

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