“Do you have any Drop/Add sheets? “

Today, while I was working at the information desk with Kay (Another Ambassador), people kept coming and it was a really busy day. I was so sad, because most of them were asking for the same thing, “Do you know how I can withdraw from my class”. I kept giving them the form until we [...]

Spend Wisely

Last week at Catonsville, we had a poverty simulation activity. We were all divided into different families and were put in hard times.  It was actually a traumatizing experience acting like I didn’t have money… (Not like I had before ). The experience opened a part of life I didn’t know was as deep as [...]

Financial Fasting

Last Ambassador meeting, an advisor advised us to undergo a financial fast. During this period, we were not allowed to spend money on anything. Some opted for the one day fast, but I decided to do the 1-week fast. ( I actually spent most my money shopping that weekend, so it was easier for me [...]


…. That CCBC has a lot of facilities aimed at helping us improve our stay in college? I was walking to my class (as usual) and someone came up to me and said she needed help with her ENGL 101. I paused. I asked her if she had not heard of the Writing Center and [...]


 I have not posted in a while. I am sorry. Blame it all on the midterm madness. Midterm projects due, Midterm exams to study for and I also have to make sure I look good in the morning (Looking good is important too right). Despite all the midterm madness happening around, you might find it [...]