Really, Don’t text while you are driving. It can save your life and another person’s life. Today, at CCBC Catonsville, we had a texting and driving simulation. It was a wonderful event, I must say. We got into a 2013 Toyota Corolla ( Yeah, we cool like that) and we were given a phone to text with. Sadly, we did not drive the car. It was just a Simulation, but still, it was fun. There was free food, and the ambassadors that were on stand were cool (Agnes, Nelly and Wale ;) ). I took some pictures for you guys to see, I could not take much because I was working. Like I said, DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. IT CAN WAIT.

  The Closing moments

   The guy in charge of the simulation

  This guy boasted he could text and drive smoothly. He failed woefully :(

 Marie-Agnes and the handsome Wale :D  It really can wait


3 Responses

  1. Vanessa Says:

    Yea Right like I would lol…I’m a safe driver but fast driver!!!

  2. Hope Says:

    Really timely blog. Sometimes it’s hard to fight the urge to text or not use our phones while driving, but safety really is the issue.

  3. Toni Says:

    And now, the police can pull you over if they see you talking on the phone or texting even if you aren’t “driving erratically”…that’s new as of Oct. 1.

    Stay safe!

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