Really, Don’t text while you are driving. It can save your life and another person’s life. Today, at CCBC Catonsville, we had a texting and driving simulation. It was a wonderful event, I must say. We got into a 2013 Toyota Corolla ( Yeah, we cool like that) and we were given a phone to text with. [...]

Nigerian Expo

Holla. It’s that time of the semester when every club and organisation would be on their toes, getting busy, and trying to create mind blowing events. Fresh out of emerging as Outstanding Organization of the year on the Catonsville Campus, The African Student’s Union presents their first on-campus show titled Nigerian Expo.  This event is [...]

Keep Calm and Turn Your Papers In

So we are approaching that moment when most first papers are due. For people like me, that moment is next week. On Monday till Thursday, I have papers due. But then I am calm. I already learnt my lesson from last semester, which is, NEVER WAIT FOR THE LAST MINUTE!!! Well, if you didn’t know, [...]

College is fun, isn’t it?

For new students, you guys just passed through your first two weeks in college, and for returning students, yeah, we are back in school again. Let’s face it, other than the hassle to look for your classroom buildings and all, these past weeks have been fun. Oh and by the way, I find the change [...]

Afrovibes is Here

Afrovibes is almost here. Brought to you by the University Of Maryland Baltimore County’s African Students Association and The Community College Of Baltimore County’s African Student’s Union, this event is going to take place on Friday, the 13th Of September, 2013. It is going to be a great event. Free, unlimited food, drinks, games and [...]