I refuse to bore you guys with a long post about what to do and what not to do to be a successful student. I am just going to say HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

-Eat that turkey well

-Be Safe

-Have Fun (Or Turn up as they say)

-And Get enough rest…..

Finals are almost immediately after we get back…. ( I really should not have put that there, but oh well :D )

If you cant make turkey good, I just thought I should share a link with you… Its probably going to help… Well Im going to try it….  http://americanfood.about.com/od/resourcesadditionalinfo/a/Cooking_Turkey.htm 



 HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BE SAFE and bring my turkey over to the student life office after the break, would ya? ;)

“If you want to succeed as hard as you want to breathe, only then, would you have the key to success” – Eric Thomas

   Over the weekend, I stumbled upon a video I believe would be helpful to us, now that finals season is approaching. Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, and listening to what he had to say about being successful made me stop and reassess myself. We all want to succeed, and it seems like we are taking the wrong steps to attaining success. This video i uploaded to this blog post would show you the steps to success, and you can also youtube more videos. His name is ET the Hiphop preacher. It would be a life changing experience for all of us, as I am certain we all want to be successful.



Also, we had a townhall meeting at Catonsville today. I got to see Dr K, the president of CCBC. I was actually as excited as I probably would be when I see Obama… ( As a cool guy, I just sat on the chair with my legs crossed lol :D )

There are spots available for Student Life Ambassadors and First Year Experience Mentors. You just have to go to the Student Life Office to get an application form and turn it in by the due date.

I just want to welcome my boss, the head of the ambassadors back, Ms Lesley. She went on maternity leave, we missed her, and now she is back.

Till Next Time… Adios my people :)

Do you plan on taking a winter class?

    Its that time again… Time for us to register for our winter classes. By the way, i hope everyone knows that winter is just 4 weeks? Yeah, so quick advice, do not take a 4-credit course in the winter. It’s a lot stressful in the regular semesters, not to talk about winter. Take easy classes, classes that do not require a lot of work and studying. Shy away from classes like Calculus, Statistis, Biology and most sciences. You can take other General Ed. courses to help you get more credits.


   Also, before you pick classes, it is advisable you see an advisor and talk to them about your class choices. If you are on financial aid, they might not cover it, if you do not have enough money to cover it, nonetheless, it is advisable you check with them about that. 

Stay Warm and Have Fun.

The Cold Weather

Am I the only African who suddenly wants to hop on the next flight to the motherland because of this weather? I cant believe i’m saying this, but I miss the heat. Waking up in this cold could be such a struggle, despite the fact that I use an alarm clock and phone alarm to wake myself up. All in all, we still have to do everything to make it to class. Worst thing is if you have to catch the bus. We all know how late those buses are. (Btw, I learnt something… If  a bus is scheduled to arrive at 5.35, add 10 minutes to it, because the bus isn’t coming at 5.35 lol ) Well I have a piece of advice for everyone in order to breeze through this cold weather without it having a hazardous effect on you. Firstly, wear layers of clothes. The season for tank tops and shorts has passed. ( A guy was walking beside me, in his tanks and shorts, and then started folding his arms and saying, “Its too cold out here.”) . Secondly, you have to have an idea of how the weather is going to be everyday. Check the weather either on your phone or on the weather forecast channels. You should also drink a cup of tea or coffee every morning to keep your inner systems warm. And then, if you fall sick and it is contagious, ask for permission to stay at home, especially if you are in my class… lol :D . But yeah, lets all keep ourselves warm and free from sickness. Get a thick jacket and wear enough layers. ;)


That being said, there is a spotlight speaker event going on at Catonsville on the 6th of November, from 10 am. It is about the book, The Working Poor. It is at the barn and I can assure you it would be a very informative and educative session.

Also, communication week kicked off today at Catonsville. We had a couple of speakers come in to talk to us and it was a good experience. It goes on again tomorrow at Essex and on Thursday at Dundalk.

Last weekend, some people went with CCBC to Philadelphia, and from what I heard, those of us that did not go, missed out on all the fun :( . Sadly, I was busy this time, and I could not go.


Well, as we all know, the semester is coming to an end gradually, and finals week is approaching. Lets not wait till last minute to study. We can start now. It is never too early. Did I forget to mention Thanksgiving Break was this month??? Yeah. It is. I doubt anyone is as excited as I am. I finally get to have my 15 hour sleep per day lol.


Well, I hope you all have a nice week. Study, go to class and turn in work on time, and you would do good.


Check out my fellow bloggers’ pages for interesting, educative and fun posts. Have a nice week again :) . And remember to spend wisely :D

“Do you have any Drop/Add sheets? “

Today, while I was working at the information desk with Kay (Another Ambassador), people kept coming and it was a really busy day. I was so sad, because most of them were asking for the same thing, “Do you know how I can withdraw from my class”. I kept giving them the form until we ran out. Kay had to go inside the main office to get more.  After the whole saga, I was talking to Kay about my Political Science class and how difficult it was, and how I wanted to drop it and she told me the deadline to drop class on the 1st of November, and I was shocked. Then the whole puzzle came together and it was then I realized and understood why everyone kept dropping class. It took me 2 hours to decide whether or not I should drop my class, and then I decided not to. So in case you didn’t know, the deadline to drop classes with a ‘W’and no refund is Friday, November 1.


For those on Financial Aid, it is recommended that you check in with Financial aid before you decide to drop your class.


To drop a class, walk up to the information desk, and request a Drop/Aed form from the staff you see there. Take the already completed form to registration and enrollment, and they would help you out. You cannot drop classes online.


I know people drop classes for different reasons, but if it is possible for you to stay in the class and succeed, then give it a try. Put in the extra work, and you would succeed. I believe everyone has the ability to succeed, as long as they are really thirsty for success.


On that note, I would like to remind us all to look around for Student Life activities.  If you haven’t been to the events, then you have been missing.



I really hope my teacher sees this and gives me extra credit, but Communication Week is around the corner. It is held on all 3 campuses one day each. It is going to be a great event.  Look around for posters on it. Thank you, and have a great week.