Have you spent the last 2 years looking ahead, knowing exactly what school you want to go to or are you currently completely lost with graduation steadily approaching, having no clue what to do? Hopefully, you fall somewhere in the middle! [although the first option doesn't sound too bad...] Transferring can be a nerve [...]

The Darkness

Like many people, including a growing number of adults, I suffer from depression. Most would never know, as I am a very happy person most of the time. I do not allow it to take as great of a hold on me anymore, a valuable skill I learned with age. I’m not going to try [...]

Mid Semester Slump

It might just be me, but now that the weather is changing (sometimes on a drastically daily basis…) the mid-semester slump is starting to take hold. Mid-terms are quickly approaching and so are the deadlines on many of my projects. My portfolio class is especially demanding, but if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be nearly as [...]

Get Involved Fair! Essex Style

The time had come once again for the Get Involved Fair on Sept 13, 2013. Student Life funded clubs came together in the Quad on the Essex Campus to spread the word about their individual clubs, letting new and returning students know more. With so many different clubs on campus, there was something for everyone, [...]

Ever Need a Little Extra Help?

Among the wonderful resources offered to help students is the Tutoring Center. On the Essex campus, it’s on the third floor of the Student Services Center. With great tutors ranging from Math to Biology to Psychology, there’s always someone to help you get a better understanding of coursework and material. You can also come in [...]

Free Pen/Highlighter: First Week Fun!

At the end of the first week back, it’s only fitting to include a mini collage of some faculty and Ambassadors! As many of you may have seen, we handed out planners, maps, college info, cups and of course FREE PENS SLASH HIGHLIGHTERS! It was a blast and quite interesting being on the other side [...]