Have you spent the last 2 years looking ahead, knowing exactly what school you want to go to or are you currently completely lost with graduation steadily approaching, having no clue what to do? Hopefully, you fall somewhere in the middle! [although the first option doesn't sound too bad...] Transferring can be a nerve [...]


The things I want to say to you get lost before my mouth opens. What a reception! I am quite happy to report that the opening reception of Becoming 2014 transfer student show was a total blast! The artists were dressed to impressed [I know I was!!] and the range of attendees showed the true [...]

Welcome Back!

Greetings my lovelies! So nice to be back! Whether you spent it in an accelerated winter course, traveled to somewhere new or stayed home playing video games, I sincerely hope you had a productive and fun break. I’m quite excited to tell you all about the Transfer Show opening January 27! This competitive gallery show [...]

November Honors Program Events

The Essex Honors program is halfway into their month of fun events! If you haven’t joined us yet, please register for the workshop on tips for writing an effective college essay with English professor and Book Club faculty member Carr Kizzier on November 18th. All events listed in the flyer take place in ADMN 130 [...]


I LOVE Halloween… I was lucky enough to wake up early last Thursday and watch the Nightmare Before Christmas, as I do every Halloween and Christmas. Then it was off to school for a day of classes and celebrations with friends, classmates and faculty! Please enjoy this photographic adventure of part of my Halloween fun! [...]

Spray Painting and Stenciling!

Do you like spray paint? Do you like stenciling? Do you like spray painting stencils? Join the Essex Art Club this Friday, October 25th at 2:30 pm for some stenciling fun! It’s all going down in the sculpture room, AHUM 227 (formerly E 227). All are welcome! You don’t have to be an artist to [...]

Extra Life!

Good news everyone! The CCBC Game Club will be hosting a local event for the Extra Life Charity on November 2nd. So just what is Extra Life? It’s a national event benefiting hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. We will be collecting donations for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. All donations are tax exempt, so [...]

Get Involved Fair! Essex Style

The time had come once again for the Get Involved Fair on Sept 13, 2013. Student Life funded clubs came together in the Quad on the Essex Campus to spread the word about their individual clubs, letting new and returning students know more. With so many different clubs on campus, there was something for everyone, [...]

Free Pen/Highlighter: First Week Fun!

At the end of the first week back, it’s only fitting to include a mini collage of some faculty and Ambassadors! As many of you may have seen, we handed out planners, maps, college info, cups and of course FREE PENS SLASH HIGHLIGHTERS! It was a blast and quite interesting being on the other side [...]