Spring Break Please!

Having fun out in Harlan County!

I don’t’ know about you, but I was REALLY ready for Spring Break to start… Just before it, I found myself completely overwhelmed and all I could thinkĀ  was “just a couple more days left until I can enjoy all the fun that’s on the horizon!”

For the past 4 years, my husband and I join some of our off-roading friends over Easter break to ride around on the side of a mountain. We typically travel to Kentucky, where I can find comfort in avoiding the “are you coming to ____ for Easter?” line of questions. While I had lots of work to get done, without attending classes I had enough time to get the multiple papers and artistic projects done before we left. Not everything got done, but significant progress was made. Cross your fingers that I can get the rest done even with my full 12-14 hour days running around like a nut!

Enjoy some photos from this year’s travels to Putney, Kentucky!


Paul setting up a camera on his hood. This Jeep is our CJ 5.

Paul loves rock crawling!

Our friend John loves playing in the mud!


Paul got stuck in the mud.

Poor little broken Jeep!

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