As most of you know, I’m a Student Life Ambassador. Since I’ll be graduating this May (exciting!) there will be some vacancies in the Ambassador program. It’s been an amazing experience and one that I suggest you consider!

As an ambassador, you’re going to be called on to help with a diverse amount of students and faculty. From First Week to the End of the Semester BBQ, helping out with events throughout the year will introduce you to new people and new ways of thinking. For example: The annual Hunger Banquet really touches people, letting them see the vast differences between income classes. As an ambassador you’d be responsible for helping set up the event, direct students to the proper areas and assist the coordinator during the event. You’re really given the opportunity to engage with the subject matter at these events, so please don’t think it’s all work and no play!

As an ambassador you’re also invited to some pretty prestigious events, such as the Holiday Party at Dr. Kurtinis’s house and the Legislative Breakfast. I was honored to attend each of these and it’s such a wonderful opportunity to meet people that really effect our lives. I never thought I’d really attend an event at the President’s house, but thanks to my role as an ambassador, this was possible!

Some ambassadors are also selected as student bloggers! I’ve loved getting to connect with you all every week through my posts. Our media director is such a supportive person, making sure we have what we need to post such great blogs. If you’re really interested in being a blogger, the Ambassador program is the way to do it!

So if you love connecting with students, meeting new people, being a great leader and representing CCBC~join the ranks of Student Life Ambassadors! While we love being a part of such a great group, it doesn’t hurt that we also get paid! So don’t wait! Fill out the application now found at

Applications can also be picked up on any campus at the Student Life Office. They’re due in May so make sure you don’t delay! As always, if you have any questions~just ask!

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