Last Semester

Yesterday, I was talking with my fabulous friend Liz about the general feeling of this semester. I’ve been frustrated with the snow days, honestly wanting to be in class. I enjoy my classes and always feel like I get too behind if I miss class~weather related reasons or not. I thought it was just me, but she wholeheartedly agreed that the vibe of this semester is different than previous ones. “It feels like senior year of high school!”

She couldn’t be more right. High school wasn’t as recent for me as some of you, but I definitely agree with Liz. The weather has been so cold, creating a chill on the entire campus. Everywhere I look, people are curled up in their coats instead of hanging out in the Quad. Many of my classmates are graduating, so there’s an air of sadness knowing we won’t all be together in a couple months. But hopefully the excitement of the unknown kicks in soon and the weather decides to let up!

I’m truly hoping that the snow decides to pick on someone else soon so we can all get back to our normal selves! Do you have any tips for getting through this icy mess? My toes have been frozen for weeks!

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