Having pets can be hard. Even without hectic class schedules and piles of homework, providing the attention a pet truly needs can be a difficult task. Many long days at school mean your companion is sitting at home staring out the window, awaiting the moment you return. That pure joy and excitement they display when you open the door is the reason I’m a Dog Person. There’s nothing like unconditional love and a good dog has that in spades. No offense to cats, but I’ve only had one cat wag their tail and greet me at the door when I got home… and he never behaved like a cat. But I digress…

Last semester, I averaged about 60 hours a week on campus. Seriously. Long days away from home not only took a toll on me, but it my two dogs were noticeably effected. I’m the proud momma of two gorgeous purebred pinschers: Lola, a German pinscher and BabyGirl, a toy miniature pinscher. They’re spoiled beyond belief, cuddled constantly and honestly two of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met. Lola is especially sensitive, with terrible separation anxiety. Beyond the normal “not liking it” when an owner is away, Lola becomes physically sick and works herself up into a crying ball of mush. She’s my Sweet Baby Lo, but this causes some serious issues when I’m at school all day.

This means most of the care of my darling girls fell on the shoulders of my husband when I’m at school. Studio classes and extra curricular activities eat up your time quickly, but after a semester of having no days to myself, this semester I instituted Super Puppy Cuddle Sundays.¬† By designating one day a week that I make no commitments, I get to spend time with my girls, get homework done and relax. By creating this stability in the home, my dogs know that they’re important. It’s also helped the health and overall attitude of my girls. I’m not sure how you feel about dogs, but trust me: my girls have some personality…

I’ve always allowed them to sleep next to me in bed, often times losing my own pillow. Thankfully, it’s adorable and I can get some cute candid pictures out of it. Just saying “it’s bed times!” causes them to spring up and run straight to the bedroom. When Lola is particularly happy, she’ll spin around on the bed and berserk. It’s hilarious. Does your dog do anything like that?

Having a pet is a responsibility. They might be part of your life, but you’re their entire life. Before you go out for the day, make sure you spend a couple minutes with your furry friend. You wouldn’t like being ignored and alone for days on end, so why would you subject your pets to that? Just please be mindful of their needs! Companions are incredible gifts and I wouldn’t trade my girls for anything. I love my snuggly pups!


Over this winter, my girls turned 4. I can’t believe time has flown by!

From Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

BabyGirl’s favorite toy is a blue dragon the same size as her. She carries it around and will let you look at it. Look with your eyes not with your hands!

A common sight, Lola and BabyGirl tuck themselves into the blanket and steal my pillow!

BabyGirl couldn’t decide if she wanted to be under the blanket or not… maybe she just thinks she’s an ostrich…

When I get home, BabyGirl gets in my face and demands kisses. When she’s satisfied, she puts her head under my chin and sits on my belly until she’s hungry. She’s a piggy, so that’s usually not as long as you’d think…

Lola is certainly the sensitive one. Just lay down on the couch and she’ll melt next to you, usually with you as her personal pillow.

Lola was born on Christmas! Wrapping a Christmas bow around her doesn’t even phase her, she just wants to cuddle!

Helping make tags for the transfer show is hard work! BabyGirl had to take a nap…

Lola and BabyGirl cuddle each other, they’ve always known the other as sisters and spend their days playing and napping on the couch. I love catching then balled up and snoozing!

Show me your furry babies! Post a picture in the comment section and show off your four legged friend! [or 2 legged feathered friends  :cough:Corinne:cough:]

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