Having pets can be hard. Even without hectic class schedules and piles of homework, providing the attention a pet truly needs can be a difficult task. Many long days at school mean your companion is sitting at home staring out the window, awaiting the moment you return. That pure joy and excitement they display when [...]


  Have you spent the last 2 years looking ahead, knowing exactly what school you want to go to or are you currently completely lost with graduation steadily approaching, having no clue what to do? Hopefully, you fall somewhere in the middle! [although the first option doesn't sound too bad...] Transferring can be a nerve [...]


The things I want to say to you get lost before my mouth opens. What a reception! I am quite happy to report that the opening reception of Becoming 2014 transfer student show was a total blast! The artists were dressed to impressed [I know I was!!] and the range of attendees showed the true [...]


That morning, every light was green. Even this sign couldn’t alleviate the anxiety building up inside me. The butterflies had found their home in my stomach and I thought they would never leave. I got lost trying to find parking and it wasn’t until the next week that I realized there were parking lots all [...]