Art Show!

In perfect timing for Halloween, the 2nd annual Dia De Los Muertos Charity Art Show is this Sunday, November 3rd! ¬†Enjoy the amazing food at Michael’s Cantina while checking out pieces from local artists. In addition to being able to purchase artwork, in some cases directly from the artist, there will be a silent auction [...]


Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across some crazy spam. As you may have noticed, comments have to be approved in order for the world to see them. I’ve come across some crazy bots in this time, but the newest batch had one that outdid its predecessors so much I just had to share!! [...]

The Darkness

Like many people, including a growing number of adults, I suffer from depression. Most would never know, as I am a very happy person most of the time. I do not allow it to take as great of a hold on me anymore, a valuable skill I learned with age. I’m not going to try [...]

Spray Painting and Stenciling!

Do you like spray paint? Do you like stenciling? Do you like spray painting stencils? Join the Essex Art Club this Friday, October 25th at 2:30 pm for some stenciling fun! It’s all going down in the sculpture room, AHUM 227 (formerly E 227). All are welcome! You don’t have to be an artist to [...]

Ledo’s Night!

  Come and support your Nursing Student Association this Monday! Who feels like cooking on a Monday? Go to Ledo’s and dine in or carry out some yummy pizza, salad and subs while supporting CCBC’s Nursing Student Association. No flyer required but be sure to mention “CCBC NSA” if you’re carrying out when paying to [...]

Mid Semester Slump

It might just be me, but now that the weather is changing (sometimes on a drastically daily basis…) the mid-semester slump is starting to take hold. Mid-terms are quickly approaching and so are the deadlines on many of my projects. My portfolio class is especially demanding, but if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be nearly as [...]

Extra Life!

Good news everyone! The CCBC Game Club will be hosting a local event for the Extra Life Charity on November 2nd. So just what is Extra Life? It’s a national event benefiting hospitals in the Children’s Miracle Network. We will be collecting donations for the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center. All donations are tax exempt, so [...]