Knights & Dragons

Knights & Dragons is a game designed to test your speed, decision making and most of all-have fun! The Ambassadors played during the first meeting of the year to break the ice and get the energy flowing. So how exactly do you play this game???   -Find an open area to play, a grass field [...]

Get Involved Fair! Essex Style

The time had come once again for the Get Involved Fair on Sept 13, 2013. Student Life funded clubs came together in the Quad on the Essex Campus to spread the word about their individual clubs, letting new and returning students know more. With so many different clubs on campus, there was something for everyone, [...]

Book Club

Hey guys! I have a club you should check out: The Essex Book Club! There is a meeting tomorrow, the first meeting of the semester. They meet once a month, discussing books that the club chooses. It’s a great way to connect with other book lovers and find some interesting new reads! When? Wednesday, Sept [...]


How can I thank you for reading my blog? How can I thank you for being so kind, so gentle while I shared my heart? There was of course, the fear that my writing about Mark wouldn’t be received well. It seems that was irrational, since so many of you reached out, shared the blog [...]


Death is a harsh thing to deal with. No matter your age, race, gender, or status in life~at one point or another, death touches us all. How we deal with death is often one of the most difficult challenges we face. Making it even harder, being a student who has recently lost someone can be [...]

In Memory of Mark

On September 9, Mark Trojan passed away. The go-to guy in the ADIM Department of the Essex Campus and beloved VP of the Dundalk CWA Local 2111, he left some big shoes to fill. Death is never easy and we all grieve differently. I’m a notoriously sensitive person with a tendency to work through my [...]

My Day of Art


Moving On

With the summer having drawn to a close, many of last years graduates are headed off to their 4 year schools. The excitement of new things to come is coupled with a bittersweet feeling of leaving. Among those off to new adventures is my friend Xavier. I became friends with Xavier after getting to know [...]

Lola in Lowe’s

Since 2012, dogs are no longer allowed in Lowe’s. No one had told me and I didn’t see any signs posted at the time, so I went ahead and put my sweet LolaMonster in the cart and off we went! In a successful trip getting paint for my friend and new CCBC student Kelly, we [...]

Day of Art

Shameless plug time! Ok, so there is a very exciting event going on September 7th! As seen on the flyer below, it’s from 4-8 at the Prigel Family Creamery in Glen Arm, Maryland. One of our very talented instructors is hosting some really special events that are great for all ages! He’ll be teaching some [...]