About Me

“Life is a Race, And Winning is Must.” Kabish K. Shah

My name is Kabish Kumar Shah. I am an Engineering and Math Major student at CCBC. My plans are to get an AA and AS Degree from CCBC and transfer to a 4 year University for my Bachelor’s Degree.

Beside school, I love Travelling, Adventure, Cooking, Painting, Designing and doing Tattoo. I speak 13 different languages and I would like to work for the United States Air Force in the Future.

I was born and raised in Nepal but, never got a chance to live with my parents. At the age of 6, I went to East Horizon E. B. H. School, Dhulabari, Jhapa (around 60 miles from where my parents live) and after I graduated from East Horizon, I went to Xavier International College, Kathmandu (Capital City around 250 miles from where my parents live) and Tri-Chandra University.  I then came to USA on August 2009 in Oklahoma and moved to Maryland (Half way around the World from where my Parents live) on May 2010.

Today, I am here at CCBC and currently I am a CCBC Student Ambassador, President of Society of STEM Scholars, Honors Students and Tutor at CCBC Student Success Center, Essex.