Did you go to CCBC GOT TALENT 2011 SHOW?

If the answer is YES, than I believe you were amazed seeing CCBC Talent. And, if the answer is NO, than you missed a lot.

CCBC is known to have some of the most talented students in Maryland. If you don’t think so, check this out and be amazed!!!


CCBC GoT TALENT Show was sponsored by CCBC Student Life.

The show started at 6:30 pm. Ryan set the stage and theater hot with his talent of singing.

Jill Oliver and Japp Haynes IV

Masters of Ceremonies , Jill Oliver and Japp Haynes IV filled this show with excitement.

The show was divided in PART I and PART II with seven contestant on each part and with 15 minute food break.

Part I Contestant were:

Mike Reagan & Nadia Steel ( Singing)

Seth Johnson & Tyesha Moody ( Dancing)

Dwayne Harvey (Poetry)

Malcolm Lawson ( Rapping)

Yvonne Pizarro ( Singing)

Paula Beck ( Dancing) &

Joseph Bagley ( Rapping)

Part II Contestant were:

Sinead Fahey & Hunter Crain ( Singing)

Nakia Brown (Poetry)

Eze Raphael (Singing)

Cherika Reynolds ( Singing)

Brandon Gilmore ( Rapping)

Jessica Pinkett (Dancing)

Arthur Lukyanovskiy ( Guitar Playing)

Moe Conn, Technical Director of Theater Program from Catonsville Campus

Moe Conn, Technical Director of Theater Program from Catonsville Campus was DJ for the night. 

And the Judges were:

Dell Hagan-Rhodes

Marcia Simpson

Vanessa Brown

Lincoln Mann

Chantelle Wedderburn

Special Thanks to CCBC Students Life!!!

Did this make you feel you missed something awesome???

Don’t worry. Make sure you like CCBC and CCBC Student Life Facebook page to get up to date information about whats going on in CCBC.

For now, I have some more pictures for you to enjoy.

Anthony checking out the food.

Winner of CCBC GOT TALENT 2011

Dancing and Singing



Arthur playing his Guitar

Contestant waiting for the result.

Even though everyone was the winner. Judges were sweating to select the top three.

CCBC Student Ambassadors:(From Left to Right) Zita, Keri, Ruth, Kabish and Anthony

Hope To See You as A Contestant in CCBC GOT TALENT SHOW 2012.

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  1. Zita Says:

    It was a display of great talent !!! Thanks Kabish for sharing this <3

  2. Kabish Shah Says:

    I agree with you Zita. It was an wonderful event with all talent.

  3. xxx1 Says:

    wow fantastis

  4. Kabish Shah Says:

    Yes, it was awesome

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