This Week

Someday I have so much to do and someday nothing to do. I like being busy rather than doing nothing and sitting.

This week was full of stress. Last weekend I had good time with Out Door Activity Club, CCBC Essex. Day started with Hiking, followed by bowling and ended with Go Track.

This Week started with my Materials of Mechanics Exam. I thought I had the worst exam ever for my Materials of Mechanics class but I was happy when I saw the grade. I made a higher “A” with second highest grade in the class.

I had my Differential Equation exam on Thursday. Since there is a festival going on I could not focus in exam and school. There are lots of guest in the house and something always going on. I planned to stay on campus and study for my exam. But at around 10:30 pm on Wednesday, Public Safety chased me saying “Campus is closed, we need to empty the building”. I had no other option than saying OK, and ride back to home.

When I reached home, party was going on. I could not go upstairs and study. I hanged out a little bit and went to bed at around 2:00 AM. I woke up at 5:30 AM and was on campus by 6:15 AM.  I got some time to study for the exam but was having a severe headache. After the exam was over, I had to work from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM.

I had my Health Class from 2:20 PM to 3:40 PM. I was broke by then. I reached home around 6:00 PM, fixed something to eat and crashed in my bed.

I woke up this morning around 7:00 AM after 12.00 hours of sleep. I was late to my 8:00 AM Calculus III class. I have my Calculus III Exam on Monday, so some of my classmate decided to get together and do group study this weekend to get ready for the exam. I said I will try to make it.

Now, I am here at Student Success Center, CCBC Essex sitting in front of the computer having nothing to do. I know I have an exam on Monday but don’t feel like studying. Just waiting for 2:00 PM, so I can attend the Student Ambassador Meeting and go home and enjoy TIHAR festival and party.

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  1. Jaime B. Says:

    Hi Kabish, I found your life story interesting. I was wondering how I could contact you for a phone interview for one of my classes?

  2. Prag Says:

    Sometime you need to rest….

  3. Kabish Shah Says:

    Hello Jaime. I will be more than happy to help you with your class. What time you want to call me? I am free tomorrow ( Friday ) after 5:00 pm and all weekend. Let me know what works best for you and i will email you my number or you can email me your number. Thank You !

  4. Kabish Shah Says:

    I agree with you Prag. This week i have a lot going on. Everyday is starting with a bad news. I know I am broking day by day, getting more and more frustrated, don’t feel like doing anything but I wont give up. I am just holding on to me and trying to stand. Hope everything will get well soon.
    “After every dark night, there comes a beautiful morning”.

  5. Jaime B. Says:

    I tried to contact you today at the success center, but you were tutoring at that time. Whatever works for you, I will make myself available. My email is
    Thanks so much!!!

  6. Noelle Says:

    I agree, Kabish… This week was stressful…and next week has the same forecast… I’m tired of thinking!

  7. Andre Keyser Says:

    Hey Kabish!!!!!!!! It’s me…. Dre! I admire your commitment to your peers and CCBC in general!! Ur our energizer bunny! Lolz…. I plan on comment more often now!!! See u tomorrow!

  8. Kabish Shah Says:

    Dont worry Noelle, semester is almost over .. Just try to remember the days after school… Fun,, Fun,,, Funnnnn

  9. Kabish Shah Says:

    Thank you Andre. I am committed to CCBC. I am proud to be CCBC.
    Energizer Bunny,,, I like it..;)

  10. Molly Says:

    I am sitting in that chair right now as I type this!

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