This Week

Someday I have so much to do and someday nothing to do. I like being busy rather than doing nothing and sitting. This week was full of stress. Last weekend I had good time with Out Door Activity Club, CCBC Essex. Day started with Hiking, followed by bowling and ended with Go Track. This Week [...]

Gregory Smith: Nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize at age 12

Born in 1990, Gregory Smith could read at age two and had enrolled in university at 10. But “genius” is only one half of the Greg Smith story. When not voraciously learning, this young man travels the globe as a peace and children’s rights activist. He is the founder of International Youth Advocates, an organization [...]

Can you SOLVE this RIDDLE?????

You approach two talking doors. One door leads to the City of Truth, while the other door leads to the City of Liars. You do not know which door is which. You are able to ask only one question to determine which door is which. The door that leads to the City of Liars always [...]

Sapporo Dome

Sapporo (A commercial city in northern Japan on western Hokkaido) stadium Seating capacity of 42,122, and what’s unique about this Stadium is that, it’s an indoor stadium with the playing field outside, and when required, the field will move inside the stadium… and not only that, the field once inside it will rotate within its [...]