all foods ive made in the past B-)

HEY GUYS I’M SUPER EXCITED TODAY since I’m talking about a subject that I know is very close to all our hearts…. Or should I say stomachs. (I’m so sorry)

That subject is FOOD. Fodder. Nourishment of the body, and some would argue, soul. Whether you eat to live, or live to eat, we all need food.

I, especially, love anything associated with it. I love to research different cuisines and recipes, and then tweak them to my own tastes. Grocery shopping is a stress relieving time for me, and I’m excited whenever I get to splurge on really fancy ingredients. I set aside whole hours in my day to cook up new dishes my friends or family have recommended and requested. If nothing else, I’m sure you all get excited as I do about eating the final product.

However, my grand food schemes are always at odds with the stark reality of being in college. Even if I WANT a carefully planned 3 course meal, it almost never means I have the time, money, or energy to prepare it. Which is why I also take pride in transforming leftovers or random things sitting in the pantry into perfectly edible food. I know that the average college student doesn’t cook much at all, and we prefer to hit up events on campus for free food or make do with cup noodles (bless you, ramen). HOWEVER, I AM HERE TO SAY YOU. DESERVE. BETTER.

Cooking on the go, with what you have at hand, is a super important skill to have in life, and can help you save money and improve your health.

That is why I am announcing……

drum roll pleeeease

drum roll pleeeease


My new series on making your food work at its’ maximum potential for you. Every Friday I’m going to publish the most innovative meal I’ve made in the past week, and how you can replicate it with what you have. Sometimes you’ll see me make some truly weird stuff and other weeks I might slap some peanut butter on bread and call it a day. Who knows! If you’ve ever made any #StruggleMeals that you want to share, tell me in the comments below! I might even pick some of the best ones for a special prize oOoOOoooh

All these posts will be going on the new blog page, look forward to it!