My Journey

What a journey these last two and half years have been! I have been unexpectedly surprised in so many ways throughout my time at CCBC. I will admit that I was like most people in thinking that community college would be dull, not fulfilling and just a cheaper way to earn a few credits before [...]

Believe in Yourself

In these final weeks of classes, I just wanted to remind you to believe in yourself. You have made it this far in the semester, and you only have a little more school work to conquer. I wish the best of luck to everyone with their last assignments and finals.

Giving Tuesday

I’m sure everyone has heard of the infamous BLACK FRIDAY, which consists of bombardments of people hitting the stores in order to receive discounts. This annual holiday has even transpired onto the evening of Thanksgiving with many stores opening at 10 pm on Thursday. Many shoppers exclaim that the experience of shopping during the dreaded [...]

Happy Thanksgiving :-)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to everyone! Enjoy your break A little inspiration for the few days off… LIFE is full of give and take….GIVE THANKS & take NOTHING for GRANTED.

The Courage to Be Extraordinary

It saddens me to see all of the people who settle before achieving their full potential because of fears, attitudes and stereotypes. Many individuals look towards peers and elders to show them how they should act, behave and think. Instead, it’s important for each person to look within themselves in order to become the extraordinary [...]

You Never Know Who You Will Reach…

For everyone who has been following my blog, you may remember that last spring I participated in the CCBC Alternative Spring Break to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. After my life-changing experience, I recapped my thoughts, and feelings about my week of service on the reservation in my blog. I poured out my heart and soul [...]


The past couple of days Maryland has experienced the worst of weather conditions. Hurricane Sandy torn through Ocean City and didn’t treat New Jersey or New York City well either. It’s incredible what mother nature can do, and we as humans will never be able to stop impending storms from making their mark. Although Maryland [...]


With the election upon us, I think it’s vital to remember how every single individual is important and can make a difference. Every single person has the capacity for change, and can motivate others to feel the same. I want to encourage each student to look at their own life today, and think of what [...]

Experiencing is Learning

For the past week, I’ve been on a road trip with my mother down to Texas for my cousin’s wedding. Although I’ve missed classes, I realized on this trip how much I’ve learned just by experiencing things and traveling. Through each new journey, you will learn something new. You can gain new knowledge from beyond [...]

Just a few encouraging words…

These inspirational words caught my eye this week…