About Me

Hello Everyone!!


My name is Jennifer Lutz!

         I’m a full-time Honors student at CCBC. My home campus is Essex, but I have also taken some classes on the Dundalk campus. I’m earning my Associates in Humanities and Social Sciences, and will be graduating after the fall semester. I plan on transferring to pursue a Bachelor’s and then a Master’s degree in Social Work. My goal is to become a clinical social worker, and work with Non-Profit Organizations that deal with those diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

         This is my second semester as a Student Ambassador, and I love it. I’m also involved with the Honors Committee on the Dundalk Campus, and I was part of the Alternative Spring Break Team that went  to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota last spring.

         Besides school, I enjoy singing, performing, reading, talking and volunteering. I have always loved to smile, and laugh. The words that most  accurately describe me are motivated, determined, optimistic, and outgoing. I believe in God, respect, promises, and faith.


My FAVORITE QUOTE  is “even an ordinary person, within their own small ways, can turn a small light on in a dark room.“ 

     I know that everything in life happens for a reason, and I’m in the process of finding the right path to travel on for my future. This time in our lives can be confusing and overwhelming, but I think this blog can help us all to realize our similarities as college students. I hope that you can relate to my blog & that you find an interest in everything that the CCBC college campuses have to offer!!